December 24, 2008

What's Happening......

Our clinic renovation and upgrading works have finally started and the whole area ia a mess! It's really tough to work calmly and efficiently with the noise and everything all over the place. Contractor says it'll be ready by 28th Dec (I hope!) and the place should look very nice and feel very comfartable by then. A lot of our patients are surprised about the upgrades but we felt it was time as the ceiling was falling down (literally...) and the carpets were peeling. SO come over in January for en-hanze's new look....


  1. dear doc sutina,
    cant wait to see your "NEW" image of Enhanze!

  2. Yes, Pricilla we love our new look. SOme one said previously we looked like a holiday resort and now we are like the MArriot!

  3. Our new look is not just a revised Look, has more conveniences like tea,coffee facility, snacks, flat screen TV, children's play area and new revised modern toilet. We also now have a skin ANALYSER to check on your skin and see all the potential problems and damage under your skin.

  4. New treatments available and on promotion :
    1. Ultrasound fat lipolisis
    2.Permanent Laser hair reduciton
    3. Breast fillers for enlarging size


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