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Liquid Face lift with Sculptra

The "New" filler SCULPTRA is now available in Malaysia. Making a comeback with new protocols, it is now available for filling up the facial area where a lot of volume loss has occured. It gives a very natural lift. Dr Rey and myself attended a training session on Thursday 22nd July with a Plastic Surgeon from HUKM who has been injecting Sculptra for the past 6months. "Wonderful results!" he says. As Sculptra contains Polylactic acid, it is biodegradable when injected and lasts upto 2years. Once injected it creates volume and causes collagen regenesis and thus a continued correction over time.
Because its texture is quite liquid, it can be injected in all areas of the face including the temples,undereye grooves(tear troughs), lips and nasogenian linegiving a "lifted" appearance thus the term "LIQUID FACE LIFT".
Sculptra will be official launched by SanofiAventis on in Kuala Lumpur 7th August 2010.
Sculptra Malaysia
Sculptra lift
Sculptra Official Video :


  1. CArried out 2nd training session for the Sculptra facelift filler after its launch. I must say the results are very impressive and although subtle (which is very acceptable to most working folks). Its ability to fillup the mid face area, which actually "flattens" as we age, is the most wonderful thing about this product.

  2. SCULPTRA LIQUID LIFT has been a wonderful treatment for our patients and on the right candidate, has given great results. From an expeirenced "Filler" user, Sculptra is by far the best in terms of outcome and results.

  3. Had an advanced training session for Sculptra Liquid Lift today 9th Mar. 2 interesting procedures carried out with Sculptra was Acne scarring and hand rejuvenation and volumisation. Thew results for acne scarring was pretty good but maybe a slight too painful for most people to undergo but the hand filling had a wonderful results. Almost immediately the hands looked 10yrs younger-veins dissapeared, grooves filled up and skin looked more elastic and not so "creppy". Best part was it was quick, totally painless and would last 2years. I am gonna be conducting more of this treatment now.

  4. Hi... If compare to PRP , which treatment will provide best and fast result? Sculptra or PRP

    1. The 2 treatments are different in that Sculptra is a type of filler in liquid form that is placed in the skin like placing seeds to volumise and stimulate the collagen formtation. PRP is acquired from a person's own blood and processed to concentrate the growth factors which is reinjected into the skin. The growth factors stimulate new collagen and enhances the skin texture.

  5. Sculptra is different to PRP as it has a different action. Sculptra is used to "fill" areas where there is a volume loss as well as it will help new collagen synthesis. PRP contains growth factors, stem cells, cytokeins, amino acids to help with new cell regeneration. It can be used to give volume by increasing collagen production and stimulating new skin cells but does not last very long. Textural improvement is very good with PRP. A combination of both treatmens can be done foreven better results.


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