October 21, 2010

Hormone Balance for Men & Women

Had a wonderfully educational and mind boggling seminar over the weekend of 15th -17th October 2010 attending Theirry Hertogh's 3-day seminar on "Hormones for HealthyWomen&Men" and "Hormones in Children". He is such a good teacher and his ideas and concepts, although not entirely accepted by mainstream doctors, makes so much sense that you wonder why were we not thought this in Med school?
Now I can treat age related conditions like lack of energy, weight gain & obesity, difficulty losing weight, reduced libido, hair loss, gynaecomastia, poor memory, low metabolism and many more symptoms of "Aging" with natural techniques of optimizing and balancing our natural hormones. Would it not be great if we can feel like we did when we were 20+yrs old?-when sleep was good, and lack of it not a problem,energy was high, mind was sharp and weight was normal? It is all because our hormone levels drop as we age (between 2-10% per decade) and as a result our body functions slow down and "drop" to a lower level. If we can restore these hormone levels back to our youthful levels, we can STAY YOUNGER LONGER!

(Checkout Dr T.Hertoghe's book woth reading - "The Hormone Solution : Stay Younger Longer with Natural Hormones and Nutrition Theapies" by Three Rivers Press)
Hormone Balance
Hormone Optimization
BioIdentical hormones
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  1. Yesterday a patient whom I put on Testosterone Supplementation Therapy came in after 1 week and said he felt as if his "batteries" have been changed! He has not felt this way for so long, he's forgotten what it felt like. For me,this makes all the studying and learning worht it .


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