September 19, 2012

Restylane - the first Fillers

Restylane was first introduced on the market in 1996. I started practicing aesthetic medicine  in 1998. I remember it being the only filler available in the market at that time. It was introduced as a groundbreaking filler, the first of its kind.

Fillers in general have come a long way since. There are hundreds of brands in the market now but what I have observed is the staying power of Restylane and how it continued to grow - in product range, as well as in technique range. As more and more new products are developed, I also learnt more and more new techniques to treat and help my patients attain their desired enhancement.
The Restylane range of products : Restylane fillers, Restylane skinboosters and Restylane skincare, has enabled people to take care of their skin from the inside and out - instantly, effectively and long-term.

The Restylane secret is called NASHA which makes the Restylane products' unique qualities and are all based on this patented technology for stabilizing hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin.
All Restylane products contain gel particles of stabilized hyaluronic acid, giving the products a range of important benefits :
1. Long duration of effect
2..High similarity to natural hyaluronic acid
3. High lifting capacity and resistance to deformation : The filler creates volume and stays where it is injected
4.Most documented filler - been in the market for over 15years and written about in over 200 medical publications.

I loved using this range of HA fillers over the years and although I have tried many new ones as they came along on the market from time to time, I continue to go back to Restylane for its reliability, ease of use and many new indications.
Restylane fillers are thus used and great for :
1. Lip Augmentation (beautiful!)
2. Nose Augmentation
3. Mid face lift
4. Cheek Augmentaiton
5. Chin Augmentation and prominance
6. Brow shaping and under eye grooves and dark circle
7. Nasolabial fols (Deep smile lines)
8. Skin Rejuvenation (Restylane Vital)
9. Revitalize dull, creppy skin
10. Increase skin hydration and density
11. Hand Rejuvenation
12. Decolletage Rejuvenation

Restylane Skin Boosters (Restylane Vital product line) have also helped me get my patients skin "go back in time". They are designed to gradually rejuvenate the skin in areas such as the face, decolletage and hands. It restores the skin's hydrobalance and improve skin elasticity and structure as well as skin firmness. They act like reservoir of longlasting hydration leaving the skin smooth and soft with beautiful luster and glow, allowing you to look the age that you feel.

Recently, I attended a demonstration and training session for Macrolane, which is another version of Restylane HA for use on body areas like breasts and buttocks. Read on my other  topic : Non-Surgical Breast & Buttock Augmentation.

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  1. Hi can Restylane be used as a filler for undereye hollow?

  2. Yes, Restylane can definitely be used for under eye hollow or tear troughs. Ony a small amount is required. Results are impressive and instantly gives you a refreshed look.

  3. Thats wonderfull. Can we use it by ourself? or by aesthetician?

  4. Restalyne can be used for any parts of the body. For the undereye area or tear trough area, Restylane Vital is used.

  5. Restylane is a type of filler and is classified as a medical device or prosthetic product for implantation through injections. Therefore it is only allowed to be injected by trained Drs, not aestheticians or beauticians. Definitely can't be done on yourself.

  6. Do you use Radiesse? I am interested in a filler that can improve the collagen in my cheeks.

  7. Yes, I use Radiesse filler. In fact I first learnt about Radiesse while attending the IMCAS Conference in Paris several years ago and our centre is one of the first in Malaysia to conduct filler injections using Radiesse. Radiesse is very good for deep nasolabial folds (smile lines) and for augmentation of facial features like cheeks, chin and jawline. It also can help stimulate the natural collagen in the skin giving a vwery natural and long lasting effect.

  8. Can you provide the price range for the treatment.

  9. For filler treatment costing and price range, please call en-hanze Clinic at 1300-88-1788.

  10. hi doctor, i'm woman, but don't have a breast. its really flat chest. i need a safe implants or breast filler. Please help me for my poor situation. please suggest me any therapy etc.., and i wish i can contact you. i wanna ask my conditions. Please doctor. Help for my Future.

  11. Dear Ms Ameera, Please contact me at our clinic by calling 1300-88-1788. The best is to have a consult with me first where we can discuss your options and cost of the potential procedure. Once you have decided, we have a treatment plan and go from there.


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