October 8, 2015

I Have Youth In My BLood

Have you ever wondered how great regeneration abilities does your own body have? Why don't we use the great, natural power to keep fine, have a younger looking skin for longer? Now it is possible! Using PRP by Regen ACR or MyCells.

What is PRP ?

PRP contains cells and growth factors which stimulate dermis to regenerate. As a result skin regains vitality. It is smoother, more elastic and significantly younger.

PRPs are 100% biocompatible product and revitalisation of the skin is possible through ACR-Autologus Cellullar Rejuvenation-regenration of dermis cells through own growth factors and stem cells activity.

Regen ACR-contain cells and growth factors extracted from your own blood, whihc will help you to create your own "youth elixir".

Regen ACR technology is based on Platelet Rich Plasma has been successfully used in reconstructive surgery, orhtopaedics and stomatology for over 10years. It is escpecially useful in wound healing, is a source osseous tissue reconstruction and peridontium tissue recontruction. In aesthetic Medicine, the paltelet rich plasma since 2003 (France ,Italy, Great Brittain).

Basic indications for using Regen ACR:

1.Imrpoving looks of such area as :


2.Nasolabial folds

3.Eye areas

4.Crow's Feet(Shadows), Eyelids

5.Lips ,Chin and Forehead

5.Neck and Nape of the neck folds



8.Filoling of acne scars

9.Male type Alopecia

Regen ACR is mostly for patients whose dermis needs regenration and those who look for natural products or are allergic to other products.

Regen ACR :

1.Gives skin youth and bvitality

2.Improves density and tension of the skin

3.Nourishies and regenrate the skin

4.Imrpoves the structure and color of skin

Injecting tRegen ACR into the wrinkles initiate the process which aim is to stimulate stem celsls to multiply and activate fibroblasts to produce new collagen whihc results in regenration and renewal of dermis and aids hyration and refreshing.


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Gender and Sexual Aesthetics 2013

Attended the first Gender Aestetics Congress and Sexual AesthetIcs Meeting that went on at the Marina Bay Sands,Singapore this week. The topics discussed were sometimes within the realm of gender aesthetics but what was more exciting was the oppurtinity to listen to talks given by some big names in the Medical Arsthetics fraternity. I was able to meet big names  like Fournier and Ridaelli and chat with them throughout lunch and tea. Being in Singapore, most o the boothes were manned by reps from Singapore and Malaysia so mot of them I knew and vice versa. Good catching up with other Drs while chatting n joking with the Reps in a non serious state as well as looking at what's new in the local market.
Books, books, books! How I am with books is like a love affair....as always I spent pretty much of my time at the Research Books boothe. They have solo many books related to tis field a
Nd Eu Chong is so knowledgeable  about. Thanks to Visa, I carry with me 4 more newbooks for facial Aging, face analysis, adipose tissue and lepton for weight loss. Will need to find time to read them.
Had a nice dinner at Marmalade pantry in Ion Mall with the people fromSolta the other nite. ivy, Derris and Darren were  reps of solta who started servicing us when Solta took over alldistributorship of their products which includes Thermage , fr axel and Liposonix. Thermage and Fraxel is already available in our centre at  En-hanze clinic. We are now waiting for our Liposonix to arrive soon! (Watch my blog on write re Liposonix ).

October 7, 2015

Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy - the new wave

Recently a new device joined our family. It is called the X-Wave.

What is X-Wave ?
It is a device that transmits acoustic pulses. Acoustic pulses are extremely strong non-focused sound pulses that induce vibration within the body. The energy has been specially developed to avoid any skin damage while penetrating into the treatment area.

What is X-Wave Therapy?
Using the powerful energy of acoustic waves, it achieves the best results in non-invasive treatments of cellulite, scars and stretch marks.
What are the effects of X-Wave?
1. Increased blood flow supply - In cellulite, the capillary system is constrained by hypertrophic fat structures. X-Wave allows for growth of new capillaries which increases microcirculation, oxygen supply and metabolic rate in affected areas.
2. Waste Elimination - In cellulite, there is waste accumulation from waste product build-up that provokes alteration in connective tissue. By mechanical stimulation of lymphatic vascular system leading to reduction of oedema and better elimination of the lipids from the subdermal cells.
3. Collagen Remodeling - In cellulite, there is hypertrophic collagen and elastin fibers which dimples the skin surface. Acoustic pulses imnduce proliferation of fibroblasts. This process leads to the creation of a new thickened band of collagen.
How is the treatment conducted ?
the device comes with a light applicator with an ergonomic grip. It is then applied onto the treatment area in a back and forth or circular motion for several minutes according to the treatment protocol.
The Acoustic Wave Therapy has been scientifically proven for more then 30years in various medical treatments (eg disintegration of kidney stones, erectile dysfunction). In aesthetic medicine, the acoustic radial soft waves were successfully modified to the clinical needs of cellulite therapy and for the treatment of other aesthetic conditions.
In the studies conducted , there is a 73.6% increase of the skin elasticity, 85% patients appreacited the maximum level of comfort and 89% patients would recommend this treatment to others. 
The X-Wave device by BTL


What are the results like ?
The application is painless and there is no special regimen required. Results are visible within 6 sessions and is long lasting without any side effects.

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