October 8, 2015

I Have Youth In My BLood

Have you ever wondered how great regeneration abilities does your own body have? Why don't we use the great, natural power to keep fine, have a younger looking skin for longer? Now it is possible! Using PRP by Regen ACR or MyCells.

What is PRP ?

PRP contains cells and growth factors which stimulate dermis to regenerate. As a result skin regains vitality. It is smoother, more elastic and significantly younger.

PRPs are 100% biocompatible product and revitalisation of the skin is possible through ACR-Autologus Cellullar Rejuvenation-regenration of dermis cells through own growth factors and stem cells activity.

Regen ACR-contain cells and growth factors extracted from your own blood, whihc will help you to create your own "youth elixir".

Regen ACR technology is based on Platelet Rich Plasma has been successfully used in reconstructive surgery, orhtopaedics and stomatology for over 10years. It is escpecially useful in wound healing, is a source osseous tissue reconstruction and peridontium tissue recontruction. In aesthetic Medicine, the paltelet rich plasma since 2003 (France ,Italy, Great Brittain).

Basic indications for using Regen ACR:

1.Imrpoving looks of such area as :


2.Nasolabial folds

3.Eye areas

4.Crow's Feet(Shadows), Eyelids

5.Lips ,Chin and Forehead

5.Neck and Nape of the neck folds



8.Filoling of acne scars

9.Male type Alopecia

Regen ACR is mostly for patients whose dermis needs regenration and those who look for natural products or are allergic to other products.

Regen ACR :

1.Gives skin youth and bvitality

2.Improves density and tension of the skin

3.Nourishies and regenrate the skin

4.Imrpoves the structure and color of skin

Injecting tRegen ACR into the wrinkles initiate the process which aim is to stimulate stem celsls to multiply and activate fibroblasts to produce new collagen whihc results in regenration and renewal of dermis and aids hyration and refreshing.


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