June 12, 2010

Freezing fat for natural Body Sculpting

An exciting new technology for reducing unwanted fat is about to arrive on our shores - it's the new ZELTIQ COOLSCULPTING machine that freezes fat cells until eventually the cells die! The technique is called COOLSCULPTING and the process is through CRYOLIPOLISIS and it's totally painless while the treatment is going on. I have tried it myself 3 weeks ago and already there is a reduction in my lower abdominal fat! We shall be the first clinic in Malaysia to have this machine and everyone's excited about it. The trainers from US will be arriving with it on the 15th to officially train our staff. Will update more on the outcomes of treatment and detail it's process....
Zeltiq Malaysia En-hanze Zeltiq


  1. Our clinic En-hanze Aeshteitcs Centre, have just been certified as an official ZELTIQ CENTRE by the principal in US, the first in Malaysia to do so. After completing the required no of treatment cycles,we will touch 100 treatment cycles. Congratulations En-hanze Team!

  2. We now have the larger Z8 head which allows us to treat a larger area (2 1/2 times) the previous head. This saves our clients' time and money. Results are also much better and very,very satisfactory.

  3. Update : we have been kept very busy this month with Coolsculpting treatments conducted daily and continuously. Due to the fasting month of Ramadhan, where Muslims in our country cannot have any invasive treatments, the Coolsculpting technique have proven to be a great option for permanent fat reduction without downtime and without breaking the fast. Many are having this done so they can get rid of their tummy and look good in their kebabs and baju melange ( Malaysian traditional wear).

  4. How much is the cost for waist, belly, and back fat!!

  5. Each area will need at least 1 treatment cycle. Each cycle is charged independently. Please contact our centre at 1300 88 1788 for specific pricing.


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