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Will be leaving for Yangoon, Burma on 10th Aug ie this SUnday to give a talk on " Skin Fatigue " and " Microbutrients for Skin Health " during a launch held by Mega Health Sciences for their new supplement for skin called GLOW .This will be the first time I visit Myanmar and I'm pretty looking forward to it. The launching ceremony is quite a grand one being attended by 250 people made up of celebs, artists and the who's who of Yangoon.....


We did our first 2 cases of face thermage today. DrRey did 1 half and I did the other. The first pt did well as almost immediately after her jowls were gone! Our second pt did do as well as she was very sensitive to the heat and she also had quite a bit of skin laxity.
Was in SIngapore on Wednesday, courtesy of Innomed Singapore, to view their latest machines. Mr DAvid Loo, their MD was kind enough to go through all their latest ( so much so he forgot about lunch for me!) equipment. Innomed Singpore was the 1st company to supply laser machines in Malaysia. Had lunch at a lovely Thai restaurant and had my first "Sticky rice Durian" dessert. Goodbye mango rice and hello durian rice.......