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Free Radicals and Cellular Damage

Recently we had a try out for a free radical and antioxidant blood level testing. We ran the blood test for everyone in the clinic including mine. My reading is below. It is seen that my fort test is within range meaning I have adequate antioxidant levels and my fort test is low which means my free radical level is low. All that vitamins and minerals intake I've been taking all this while does help after all! So, What are Free Radicals ? Free radicals are by products of daily metabolism or from external sources ( pollution, cigarettes smoke,radiation and others). What doesFree Radicals cause? Accumulation of Free radicals in the body causes oxidative damage to cellular components ( lipids, proteins, and DNA structures), resulting in altered cellular function, compromised tissue and organ function, and ultimately diseases and death What are Antioxidants? Antioxidants help neutralize the excess of free radicals, protect cells against their toxic effects

Vanquish the Fat With No Pain

The new Vanquish has arrived-joining our ammamentarium of fat busting, body shaping and weight reduction treatment techniques already available at our centre. We are all so excited about it. What is Vanquish? Vanquish is a new revolutionary procedure in permanent fat reduction. It is a painless and surgery-free treatment that has no downtime. This new fat reduction machine is now available at our centre to help fulfill that wish in our clients. Vanquish uses a "focused-field radio frequency" to zap fat without ever touching the body. The treatment utilizes selective radio frequency to target the fat layers and permanently remove fat cells, giving dramatic results that can be seen in as little as a few weeks following the first treatment. During the four sessions spaced a week apart, you lie underneath an apparatus with adjustable panels that positioned around the areas of the body yo be treated but don't actually touch you. Sensors built into the device &quo

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Outer Thigh Fats

Introducing the C|oolSmooth applicator - an exciting new addition to the existing applicators in the Coolsculpting range. The CoolSmooth applicator is the first and onbly non-sutgical solution to clinically proven and designed for fat reduction of the outer thighs. The CoolSmooth applicator targets 'non-pinchable' fat bulges on the thighs and upper abdomen.  Using gentle cooling techniques and a comfortable design, the CoolSmooth applicator targets problem areas, such as outer thighs, and provides permanent fat loss results for a slimmer you. After a CoolSmooth procedure, the body naturally metabolizes destroyed fat celss, leaving you with a slimmer, sculpted body. Plus, unlike surgical procedures, most people are able to immediately return to their daily activities.  Am I a good candidate for a CoolSmooth™? CoolSmooth™  treatments are resommended for people with an active lifestyle looking to banish stubborn areas of non-pinchable fat, such as the outer

Dermaveill Liquid Lift Filler - the new POly Lactic Acid filler

Went to San Diego USA in June to have theory and practical training for a new Poly-L-Lactic ( PLLA) filler called Dermaveill. Dermaveill is a US product produced by a new company owned by the CEO of Sculptra , another PLA filler. The studies for lipo atrophy and liquid lifting was conducted in a renowned, private medical centre in Tijuana, Mexico by DrJorge Tagle, their famous plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. The trip was made fun by TJ, our organiser from Sunward. On the first day we had a session on the product, it's development, it's correct usage, it's potential complications and side effects and it advantages. Dermaveill is better then Sulptra as it's molecules elliptical instead of spherical, thus making it easier to inject with less needle blockage. It also has no risk of forming nodules in the long term allowing for more superficial injection techniques. The next day we went to Tijuana to have injection demonstration and guidance by DrTagle who has inje


Had a wonderful time in San Diego and. Los Angles , U SA recently while attending a train the trainers program for Demaveille, the latest and newest in poly lactic acid liquid fillers for volume sing the face and filling in the lines. We arrived at almost midnight on Thursday at LAX Airport and drove down to San Diego the next day. It was a nice leisurely drive. Immediately upon checking into our beautiful hotel in SanDiego, we had our theory session with DrTagl It was comprehensive and extensive but it was informative of the product and methods. Later we had dinner w DrBacchara , the principal of the company that supplies this new PLA filler. The night air was cool and the company was fun. Food was great - a fusion of Mexican and American delicacies. The next day, we were driven to a private medical hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. It was my first time there and Tijuana seemed like any other American City -clean, well planned, and safe. A whole day session with DrJorge Tagle,

SILHUOTTE SOFT LIFT - the softer , gentler way

Was in Barcelona Spain last October for another round of updates on techniques using the Silhoutte Soft PLA sutures to reshape, redefine, and gently 'lift' the tissues of the face that has seccumbed to gravity. Not a surgical procedure as such , the SSL can be done as a lunch time procedure with very minimal downtime and discomfort. About 100 plus Drs from all over the world attended the program. Dr Pizzamiglio as usual showed some new uses of the sutures like the new longer sutures for mid face lift, an inverted V technique for face, SSL for buttocks, SS Lift for breasts ( quite amazing)  and even for nose.

Fats from tummy and hips to face

Attended the FATS conference in Bangkok where great minds like Dr. Sidney Coleman and Dr.Kutaro Yushimura were there to teach, share and update us the latest and newest technique in transferring fats from the tummy or hips to the face and / or breasts. Methods using direct lipo transfer of pure healthy fat extracted and re implanted into the face is shown by DrSid Colemen, who is the world expert in the facial fat transfer technique. His books are used as reference by Drs all over the world. Dr Yushimura later showed on stem cell extraction from fats known as Adipocyte Derived Stem Cells or ADSC. He practices using the extracted fats and mixing it with the ADSC to allow for longer lasting effect. In his cases the lipotransfered fats into breasts lasts upto 7 years. DrYushimura is world renowned for this technique. He created the technique for breasts fat augmentation. 

PRP for younger, also stronger joints

PRP has been used in our clinic for skin rejuvenation, post filler healing, acne scar reduction, pigmentation reduction, as natural fillers, hair regrowth and scalp rejuvenation. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma contain huge amounts of growth factors and small amount of stem cell , so for a long time before it entered the Cosmetic Medicine world, it was used by someOrthopaedic Surgeons  to inject into the knee joints or any joint injuries for new cell regeneration and healing. After hearing about many famous athletes like Tiger Woods and our very own Datok Lee Chong Wei getting PRP treatment for their injured joints and how the treatment enabled  them to heal faster  and return to their game sooner , I decided to find out more about this mode of treatment and possibly learn how to conduct it. For the joints, the PRP is basically injected  directly into the joint using a fine hypodermic needle. It's quite a simple procedure and is over in just a few minutes if technique is correct an

Global Face Rejuvenation w 3D Facelift

Allergen Malaysia had a grand dinner at KL Hilton tonite where DrSmith from Canada gave an excellent talk on the new approach to antiaging the face using the new brand of Juvederm fillers called Volbel and Volift. Juvederm has become one of the more I popular fillers in the market since it bought over by Allergan , the company that produces Botox. In combination , DrSmith showed how I can get rid of dynamic lines, static fine lines, increase the light reflection of the skin and  recreate a youthful facial angle. All this is done 1 sitting, lasts for 2 years and treatment is almost painless. Juvederm Kuala Lunpur Voluma Botox

V Shape Face with threads

Another Korean aesthetic surgeon was in town last Sunday for a workshop on using those fine Korean threads to shape the lower face. Combined with Dermotoxins, the effect was predictable and quite nice. I was also very interested in the threads with "cox" or "barbs" which are actually little protrusions along the length of the threads to create a stronger hold into the skin.  Although it causesmore swelling and potentially more possibility of a bruise occurring, the " lift"  effect is much better and shaping the lower face into a more defined "V". I will definitely be trying out this combined technique as soon as we receive our thread orders. Will put up some photos soon! Kuala Lumpur thread lift thread V shape Thread Face lift

Hydrafacial vs Silkpeel

Our old but very reliable microdermabrasion Diamond crystal peeling machine broke down after many years of high performance. It was one of our highest performing equipment and it had served us well. My dear Diamond MDA I shall miss you. And although I would like to continue our liaison , it does not see possible anymore as there is no longer a distributor in Malaysia. So, I have been going round researching and looking for a new MDA unit to replace our old one. Some here comes the Silk Peel and Hydra Facial. Silk Peel conducts both dry microdermabrasion using a diamond tipped hand piece which abates and abrade the upper layers of skin. If desired, a "wet microdermabrasion" can also be conducted using the diamond tip hand piece but while the abrasion is going on, solutions containing micronutrients and hydrating agents are infused alongside. This gives for a more effective treatment as delivery is more efficient as products are more penetrate. Now, the Hydra Facial? Well, a

Micropigmentation to correct and cover imperfections

On 26th Feb 2014, we had a full day training with the team from Golden Eye, a German company that produce a unique Micropigmentation equipment with its unique organic dyes. What is Micropigmentation? Micropigmentation  is a technique of implanting tiny pigments dye into the epidermal layer of the skin. It does not aim to change the look of a person, but instead it balances out unevenness and the asymmetry of a face. Without being obvious.   IS MICROPIGMENTATION A PERMANENT MAKEUP? Micropigmentation is long-lasting, but we wouldn’t call it is not  a make-up. In paramedical micropigmentation we aim to cover the unevenness and create a more natural appearnacre   Paramedical Micropigmentation can be done for the scalp area to cover the whole bald head or for women with diffuse or thinning hair to make the top of the head look fuller and thicker.        It is also for scars anywhere on the body especially hypopigmented scars. Striae that has become silvery whit

Fight Treatment to get rid of Acne - ISOLAZ

The Isolaz is here and we had a round of demonnstration as well as training today for our drs as well as nurses. It was fun to try it out on Dr Angeline who has been having quite regular breakouts since she started her Masters course in Aesthetic Medicine and Ima our pharmacist who has been suffeing from pustular and cystic acne for many years. I've written about Isolaz before (under Photopneumatic Therapy) but today I see it's potentail use even better. Now we can treat active, inflammed, red, painful and cystic acne fast and without systemic intake of Isotretinoin and oral antibiotics. So what is Isolaz ? It is a machine that uses broadband light and vacuum to clear acne. It is a safe and comfortable procedure and this is important especially for those with red, painful, swollen acne lesions with or without pus. It works on ALL skin types so no matter what skin color you are, Isolaz can help. This is thus different for Chemical peeling and lasers which are more risky f