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Cell Renewal Therapies Revitalizes,Strenghtens, Improves and Prevents

Greater exposure to environmental and industrial pollutants tends to produce more free radicals in cells, causing deterioration in the tissues, organs and their functions. This is called oxidative stress or cell oxidation-one of the primary causes of the aging process and all the disease related to it. Scientific Background In 1911, a French physician, Dr Alexis Carel did an experiment where he grew chicken heart from fragments of embryonic tissues.. With this experiment, Dr Carel demonstrated for the first time that an aging organ can quickly regain streght by adding cell extracts to it from a similar younger and vigorous organ. This was the first time a demonstration was done that showed an aging organ can quickly regain  strenght by adding cell extracts to it from a similar yoiunger and vigorous organ. Then in 1947, an institute in Switzerland , called the BIOCell institute started the concept of Cell Renewal Therapies (CRT). CRT is primarily aimed at first nourishing then sti

Here’s Why You Need To Add Vitamin C Infused Products Into Your Beauty Regime

Many people have asked me abouit vit C wether it is to apply onto the skin , to take orally as a supplement and even as an IV infusion into the body for skin lightening (even whitening) More often then not it is relation to maintaining good and healthy skin. So how do one differentiate between a good and bad skin? In general, Good Skin is usually clear of blemishes, supple to the touch, does not have scars, feels smooth to the touch and is bouncy when pinched. There are no visible pores, no pigmented patches, no ingrained scars, skin  growths, is not oily nor does it feel rough or dry. Now since there are elements that makes up a good skin, how do one maintain having healthy skin especially with daily external stressors such as UV, pollution, diet, medication etc. To do this one must always practice the following : i) sun avoidance or minimise sun exposure. Wear sun protection like hats and sunscreen whenever out in the sun and try to avoid sun at it's hottest ie b