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Christmas & Year End Offers

Just to keep all informed on our Christmas & End of Year Offers since our clients keep complaining that they do not know what offers or promos we have early enough(my fault!) I shall endeavourto at least keep everyone informed on our latest promos through my blog. So for this coming season's greetings, S-M-I-L-E......... 1. 5 for RM499 Head to Toe Rejuvenation with Steam & Extraction, Diamond Microdermabrasion, Vit C Iontophoresis, Enerpeel EYe Rejuvenation, Whitening Mask and Endermologie Body Massage. (Worth RM800) 2. Facial Peels at 50% less! Brighten and clarify your facial skin with VIVANT TCA + Vit A face peels. Now at 50% less and limited to 4x per person only. 3. Body Sculpture for Less! Laserlipolisis with SMARTLIPO fat melting laser for only RM2500 (Usual RM4500) for 2parts. Get rid of those stubborn fat once and for all. Imagine one time treatment only and no more fat! Only in Dec 09. Book your sesion today as time is runnning out. Call our clinic at 03-79601788

Neck Firming and Double chin cream

Nectifirm - the one and only cream specificaly formulated for the neck area. Has all the ingredients needed for tightening, lifting and reducing lines of the neck area as well your baggy and double chin. Try it cause its effects are real. Necklift nonsurgicaly Double chin reduction in a jar Mesochin without injection

Our latest for Lipolisis

The Accusculpt laser for fat reduction and skin tightening has finally arrived on our Malaysian shores! Our clinic is now proudly the 1st and only centre in Malaysia to have this high tech machine. It arrived on 10th Nov and immediately I tried it out on our ever ready model patient-my hubby!. He has been bugging me about his protruding lower abds and now believe it or not after just 1 week-it's gone! SInce then we have done another male abdomen as well as upper arms, bra and armpit fat buldge, saddle bags, inner thighs, back thighs, facial jowls and chubby cheeks. What I found amazing was that in the middle of treatment, you can practically see melted fat oozing out of the entry wounds!
Hi hayati,Of course I'll remember you. If your acne recurred, must be because you stopped all the skincare/hoemcare treatment. As you know once you have acne it will keep recurring and so we need to control the breakouts with the right skincare. Please come by on Saturday and I'll see what can be done.
Best part was winning the lucky draw! I love winning-who doesn't , right? Of course inspecting the products was next.....

Skin Care

Hi there! There's a new product that was launched in KL last Friday 24th Jul whiach as taken Hollywood by storm! It can reduce lines in just 1 hr and tighten skin in 8 weks! It's called the "Youth Complex" by iS Clinical skincare range. Meant for those 40+ to 60yrs, it gives dramatic improvement in fine lines and wrinkles, smoothness/firmness, hydration/moisture and overall skin texture. I read through the clinical studies and most of those who tried had more then 90% improvement! I tried this "youth serum" myself three days ago, and woalah! my crow's feet were not there anymore! How amazing can that be? It was also compared to Pravage, LaMer and Revaleskin(Coffeeberry) and came out tops. Best part is it's not even as expensive as the former 2. Cheak out website for more info on the product range. For those who have tried this range before, please give your feedback as I would like to see if it as good for others....

Venus Muscle Stimulator - the Lazy Man's Gym

Another new treatment has been added to our armamentarium of treatments....It stimulates and contracts your selected muscles while you lie on the bed! No wonder it's called "the Lazy Man's Gym". One tummy session is equal to 100 sit-ups. So now you can firm the muscles of your face, upper arm, thigh and abdomen(tummy) for better contour and tone without exercise! So for reduction of tummy bulge, we can now tone the muscles with Venus MS, reduce fat with ultrasound lipo and laserlipo, then tighten skin with carboxytherapy and radiofrequency treatments. I am pretty excited about this as now we have a complete approach for our weight reduciton programs and our non-surgical facelifts.
Our new Ultrasound lipolisis procedure is really doing well. Our friends are reporting a minimum of 2cm circumferential loss after just 1 treatment. I'm now going to check out another device called Novashape which claims to work even better. Really good for those who are sooo afraid of invasive lasers!

Beautiful Monaco...

Just got back from Monte Carlo, Monaco after attending the World Anti-Aging & MediSpa Congress. It's the first time for me in Monaco and I was amazed at how small but compact the country is. Imagine a whole country with blocks of buildings, a stadium, a palace, gardens and a race track built on a 1.8 x 2km size of land and on the slopes of a cliff! Weather was good with just cool air during the day and colder at night. The congress was fruitful as I learnt new ways to treat the eye area as well how to use fillers to rejuvenate the whole face. Many new aesthetic machines with 300 boothes and 7 rooms with workshops and talks going on concurrently. Any of you been to Monaco?

Breast Treatments

Wolah! breast augmentation without surgery..... the filler for enlarging your breasts safely is finaly in town and we shall be carrying out our first treatment today! Best part is you can increase your breast size slowly, so you can do it every few months or so and only if you feel like it!Great , huh?

Hair Removal

For those of you who wax or shave regularly, think about almost permanent Hair reduction with either laser or IPL. Now we have the 2 most painless hair removal machines. Not only that they are also able to reduce hair on dark MAlay and Indian skins!.