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Non-Surgical Breast & BUttock Augmentation

Recently attende a demontration and workshop for Macrolane Buttock Augmentation

Tighten skin of neck, décolletage, upper arms, knees and inner thighs

Ulthera Inc recently launched their new guidelines for the tightening of  skin on other parts of the body like décolleté , arms, knees and thighs, thus offering patients a non'- surgical solution for body skin laxity. Ultherapy received FDA approval in 2009 as the latest device that uses ultrasound to non-invasively lift and tighten tissue. Unlike traditional laser and radio frequency devices that heat tissue through the skin's surface,Ultherapy delivers micro-focused ultrasound energy below the skin surface. This targets the foundational layers of the skin, precisely heating tissue to the optimal temperature forneocollagenesis. (~60C), without affecting intervening tissue. Ultherapy is also unique because it can be used to non- invasively target sebaceous and sweat glands enabling me to treat hyperhidrosis or sweaty armpits. Because Ultherapy allows visualization of the targeted tissue, the energy is delivered precisely to that location. By adjusting treatment depth I can deli

Ultherapy Lifts, Tighten and Tone Skin On Face and Body

Ultherapy from Ultherapy Inc ( Arizona, USA) has long established itself as a safe and effective therapy for the improvement of skin laxity, even in patients with darker skin types. This innovative aesthetic device is a proven solution for those with mild to moderate skin laxity, and has both on and off- face applications. People who do not want to undergo cosmetic surgery to correct their lax skin are ideal candidates for Ultherapy as treatments with this device can achieve significant improvements in skin laxity, without the challenges and risks associated with cosmetic surgery. How does the Ultherapy work ? The Ulthera system utilises state of the art ultrasound technology to visualise the targeted tissue and precisely deliver energy at the desired depth. Energy is delivered to the targeted area, including the SMAS and playtysm a, heating tissue to the optimal temperature for new collagenesis (~65C). The result isliftingand toning of the skin and deeper soft tissues,without causing