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Sculptra - the ultimate Face Liquid Lift

  A friend of mine owned the most beautiful home. They used an interior decorator, invested in stunning furniture and repainted regularly.  Everything was in beautiful condition - it could have been featured in a magazine!  But when they tried to sell the house, my friends received a rude surprise. T he buyers discovered that the wiring was decades old. The piping system needed a complete overhaul. They even found problems with the foundations… Underneath the beautiful surface, the house was in complete disrepair.   Our skin is a lot like this house...   If you’re like most people, you probably take great care of your skin’s surface - which is the right thing to do!   You apply creams and serums… Get facials and peels… Maybe you even get regular microdermabrasion treatments to improve the quality of your skin or anti-wrinkle injections to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. But meanwhile, under the surface….   Completely unseen…   The “foundations” of your skin are slowly f