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A Glowing Get Away

Had a great time over last weekend at Lake Kenyir -Malaysia's largest man-made lake. Sponsored by Mega Lifesciences Sdn Bhd, the company that supplies GLOW skin micronutrients and PYNOCARE pinebarks extracts for skin pigmentation. A group of reporters, writers and media personal, as well as end users were flown in the early morning hours of 25th Sept to Kuala Trengganu where Lake Kenyir is. The lake was beautiful and serene. Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa was selected for this occasion as it suited the concept of NATURAL suplementation for good healthy skin and prevention of "Skin Fatigue". The first day we visited a beautiful waterfall on an island in the lake and a herb garden where we tried Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah tea. With all that energy infused, we had a fun night with the 2 "glowing" celebrities - Nonis Baharuddin & Angel Wong. Next morning, I gave a talk on Prevention of Premature Aging and how supplementation is important for good skin health an

The Ultimate Painless Workout

The IOn Magnum really is effortless athletics. We all have hard-to-get areas requiring special attention or just seem impossible to firm up. But not anymore! On this revolutionary workout machine of the future. everyone is a candidate - those looking for a path toward healthy living, brides hoping to shed unwanted pounds before their big day, highly skilled athletes trying to build more muscle. It's safe and it's healthy; all while rejuvenating your red blood cells. Now no other centre in Malaysia can offer Ion Magnum treatments from a machine that builds muscle, boosts stamina, and helps speed up your metabolism. WE decided to incorporate this advanced technology into our practice as it can do what other technology can't. With Dr Xanya Weiss, the co-inventor of Ion Magnum The Ion Magnum was engineered to treat sports injury and muscle atrophy, as well as promote lypolisis and muscle building. It rapidly and efficiently causes the erythrocyte (Red

Aesthetic Asia Singapore

Recently attended the Aesthetic Asia Conference 2010 which was held at the very new Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore from 17th to 10th September. It was a hectic three day full of interesting sessions and workshops of new techniques. Sanofi Aventis was the Platinum sponsor and they abeautiful booth to introduce their products VISCONTOUR and SCULPTRA creating a bigger brand awareness. The Ion magnum booth was the busiest with docotrs trying out the Ion magnum and IEllios machines. So impressed were they with DrXanya Weiss's lecture, she was kept busy all day! Cirsten, the Arasys trainer was at hand to greet us. Here with Dr.Weiss and me. Our Ion Magnum will reach our clinic on Tuesday 21st sept and finally our patients can have this amazing treatment to wellness and internel health.