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Age-Defying Beauty Secrets using Non-Invasive techniques

1. Botolinium injections or BOTOX  Botox and Dysport  is a purified substance derived from bacteria Botolinium Type A. Injections of botolinium toxin block muscular nerve signals, which then weakens so it can't contract. The end result is diminished unwanted facial wrinkles or lines. Botolinium injection (BTA) can be used to help smooth crows feet, forehead furrows, frown lines, and skin bands on the neck ( plantsman bands). The action of BTA injections lasts for 4-6 months but regular use of it every four to six months can help to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help obtain a smooth and youthful appearance.  2. FILLERS Filler injections help to finish facial lines and restore volume.and fullness to the face. As we she, our face naturally lose subcutaneous fat ( fat under the skin). The facial muscles are then working closer to the skin surface, so smile lines and crows feet become more apparent. The facial skin also stretches a bit, adding to this loss of facial volume. Othe

Fat Injections

Fat injections uses fat harvested from the person's own body which can then be reinjected to several areas in the body  to enhance the appearance.  Fat injection can be given to any part of the body where volume is deficient. Vommon areas include face ( cheeks, lips, chin, nose, forehead) , breasts, buttocks, depressed scars or cavities and chronic wounds.  Fat injections require a more extensive procedure then "off the shelf" soft tissue fillers. An appropriate "donor area" must be determined (usually the abdomen and thighs) and using a specialized technique for liposuction the fat is extracted together with its stem cells. The harvested fat is carefully processed and transplanted to the desirable sites.  See also breast lipo transfer, face lipotransfer, adipocyte derived stem cell

Andropause - hormone supplementation

Andropause And topside is the result of low testosterone and is a natural part of male aging, due to a decline in testicular ( as in ovarian in females) function. Also known as "Male Menopause" , it is the counterpart of Female menopause. Testosterone or T levels in men remain relatively constant until about age 50, at which time they begin to fall slowly. However the decline in male hormone production is much more gradual then the decline in female hormones production.  Symptoms of Andropause Decrease in libido  Decrease in erectile dysfunction Decreased energy & strength Increase body fat Loss of muscle mass Enlargement of prostate glands Osteoporosis Depression Inability to concentrate Loss of enthusiasm Reduced mental agility What is Testosterone? Testosterone is the primary make hormone. It is found in all men, women and children.  Testosterone is made in the restocked, ovaries and adrenal glands. It is also found in brain tissue. Testosterone is a vital sex hormone.

Lifting Thread Lift

Duolifting is another technique using PDO threads with barbs or cogs to hold and lift the facial skin wihout surgical cutting. Using the barbed threads, these threads are inserted under the skin under local anesthesia. What is DuoLifting? DuoLifting is the use of absorbable threads in pairs to help lift the facial skin How is it done? The skin is anesthesia end with some topical numbing cream. Then tumescent anesthesia is given throughout the area where the Duolift threads are to be inserted. Duo threads with barbs are then inserted from above the hairline going down to the mid and lower face in order to lift the laugh lines and droopy cheeks. For each barb thread another thread with "clutch" is then inserted next to it to help strengthen the hold of the skin by the threads. The no of pairs inserted depends on how much hold is required and wether the patient wants to V shape her face or to lift her sagging skin. For those who need more lifting, threads a

Loose 4cm in 1 session with Ultrasound

Lipo sonic your fat anyone? Lipo = fat , Sonic = ultrasound energy Liposonix is the groundbreaking equipment using High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology to melt and destroy fat permanently without surgery.  I was impressed with this technology as I realized many people are looking for less invasive, non surgical methods for fat reduction with no downtime and preferable minimal no of sessions. I like the idea of only 1 session to get 1 size reduction. So, despite already having a no of technologies for fat reduction, we decided to add Liposonix to our range of body sculpting devices.  Using the same concept as TURP or focused ultrasound to blast kidney stones without surgery, liposonix focused ultrasound is thus made specific for the human fat.  How does it work? A handpiece applicator that transmits the high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) waves is applied onto the target area, usually the abdomen or tummy. No general or local anesthesia

Transfer purified fat to breasts and face

Lipotransfer or fat transfer to breasts is now becoming a popular request in my practice especially among young women with small breasts who do not desire surgery for breast augmentation and older women with post pregnancy loss of volume causing deflated looking breasts and sagging breasts. There is also an increase need for filling of the face to recreate a 3D effect which fats can do better then synthetic fillers.  Lipotransfer or Fat Grafting has been conducted worldwide since many years ago but the processing of the harvested fat was very tedious and time consuming. And if the harvested fat is not purified properly or adequately, the implanted fat will degenerate very fast making its effect last only 9-12monrhs, similar to implanted  hyaluronic acid fillers. With better purification of extracted fat, the implanted fat lasts longer ie upto 5 years and has a higher survival rate in recipient site.  In Nov 2015, I was in Tokyo Japan for a short course on Fat Grafting and Lipotransfer