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How to trigger a Cascade of Healing in your skin

  Have you ever thought about how your body heals itself after a cut? It’s miraculous, really. First, your blood clotting system jumps into action, stopping your blood from “leaking” through the wound. Over the next three days, your body destroys bacteria and removes debris from the wound site, preparing the ground for a new bed of tissue. In the third phase, your body fills the wound, creating fresh, healthy new skin. This can take anywhere up to 24 days! Finally, over several months, the new tissue gets stronger and more flexible as your body creates more collagen fibres... until the skin looks as good as new. Our bodies really are remarkable... ...But what’s even more remarkable is that scientists have found a way to use this natural process to give you a brighter, fresher, smoother complexion! Microneedling is the process of deliberately creating tiny wounds in your skin, in a safe, controlled way. This triggers the “Cascade of healing” I just described... ...M