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Mona Lisa Touch for Vaginal Atrophy

Are you above 45years? Are you premenopausal ? Or already menopause? With the passing of time, the body undergoes significant functional and structural changes to all the organs of the body,  including the genitals. The loss of turgidity and hydration of your genital tissue causes reduction in vaginal lubrication giving rise to discomfort, vulvar itching, dryness, sense of heaviness, and even pain during intercourse. This is called Genital Hypotrophy or Atrophy. What can you do about it? Here comes the first ever device that treats Vaginal atrophy. No hormones , no injections, no pessaries. It’s a laser called the Mona Lisa Touch.  Mona Lisa touch treats Vaginal Atrophy.  Mona Lisa touch treats Vaginal Atrophy.  We bought this breakthrough laser long ago when it’s prototype was introduced to me. It is the first laser that treats the female genitalia.  Results are almost immediate with most clients feeling improved even after a single session. 

How to Combine Deep Hydration and Bio Stimulation for your Skin - the HYDRO DELUXE method

I recently discovered a new product line that not online p[rovide intense hydration but also stimulate the skin cells . For optimal hydration, Hyaluronic Acid is the best to use. But enriched with calcium hydoxyapatite (CaHa) 0.01%, this product is now available in the form of NEAUVIA Hydro Deluxe. The unique composition activates and supports the natural processes of collagen production, making skin thicker and firmer. It's exciting and great regenerating properties now enable me to conduct this treatment for : 1. Hydration of Skin 2. Revitalization of Skin 3.Collagen Stimulation 4. Regeneration of new cells 5. Superficial Wrinkles correction  and 6. Hands Rejuvenation I love it as it is SAFE as Neauvia's Hyaluronic Acid is derived from bacillus subtilis which is non pathogenic. It's HA is also produced based on water usage with no animal derived materials, endotoxins and chemical solvents. Hydro BIostimulation can be used to treat the following areas : 1

Defy Gravity with Threadlifting

Lift, redefine and revitalise your face with minimal discomfort. Happyy lift is a unique threadlift with tiny barbs that can be inserted into the cheeks,brows, mid-face, nose and jawline for a naturally youthful lift. If you do not want to look like you've had "work' done, threadlifting is ideal for you. Instead of altering your features, it lifts them to their original (or almost) porsition, and simply preserves and enhances the natural contours of your face. The best part is you will still look like you - but younger, fresher and more radiant. So WHAT is Threadlifting? A thread lift is also sometimes known as a non-surgical facelift. It is a minimally invasive procedure that uses absorbable threads to pull, lift, and support the skin in the face and neck. The threads used are designed to have graspers which helps to suspend the skin, reducing any sagging areas in the face and neck. Due to the structure of the threads, a thread lift procedure also encourages t

How you can improve your skin with Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP .

 Many patients ask me about this "blood" treatment. Made popular by Kim Kardashian with her "Vampire Lift" facial several years ago, it took the world by storm and became a very popular method for skin rejuvenation adn improvemet. Over the years I have conducted many PRP treatments. So what is PRP therapy ? PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma is a treatment that uses the plasma derived from a person's own blood (autologus) to release growth factors, which are cells that act as messengers to initiate skin cell regeneration. A small amount of blood is taken and deposited into a special PRP kit. A good kit , like the Regen kit (RegenACR) is able to ensure a big quantity of growth factor(GF) cells in the plasma which will then translate to better effect on the skin. What is PRP good for? PRP if used to treat the skin each month, has been shown to give skin homogenecity due to regeneration of new skin. Fine lines are reduced, skin color is lig

5 Proven Methods for Permanent Fat Reduction

I have come across many clients who ask me about fat removal and they often confuse this with weightloss. Due to the many marketing ads all around us that offer"slimming" procedures, I find that many women are confused as to wether they want to loose weight or reduce fat. So I categorize clients like this: A. those who are overweight or obese with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of 27 an above. You will need to loose overall weight for a healthier and trimmer looking body. There will be excess fat here and there but it is no use thinking about them when over all you have excess fat including visceral fat. And B. those who are of normal body weight (BMI 25 and below) or just slightly overweight (BMI 25-27) and have certain areas of stubborn fat which do not seem to go away despite exercise or would like a trimmer, better silhuoette. For FAT REDUCTION on the spot , there are several methods to loose them. These can be minimally invasive or non invasive at all. The Non

Genito Urinary Symptoms of Menopause (GSM)

Recently I conducted a small gathering of friends and and clients to discuss the issue of Genito Urinary Symptoms of Menopause. OR GSM for short. This is a common condition as every menopause and perimenopasue woman would have at least one symptom. Statiscally it affects 80% of all menopause women and like it or not our lifestyle as well as relationship with our partners. So what is GSM? Short for Genito Urinary Symptoms of Menopause , this a combination of symptoms that occur in and around the genital and urinary complex of a woman when she approaches menopause or after menopause has occured. What are the symptoms? 1. Vaginal Relaxation Syndrom 2. Vulvo Vaginal Laxity 3. Vaginal & Vulavalar Dryness 4.Vaginal Atrophy causing pain during intercourse 5. Vulvalar itchiness & pain 6. Light Urinary Leaks or Bladder Leaks 7. Pelvic Organ Prolapse - Bladder, Uterus or Rectum 8. Reduced sexual sensitivity causing dissatisfying intercourse, poor or no orgasm and

Why you should choose this Organic Filler

Another visit to Bologna Italy recently for the 22nd SIES or the International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery was not just fruitful but fun as well. We had a full 3 days of talks on Algeness - the one and only Organic filler in the market. A 100% natural filler and totally biodegradable, it is a breakthrough in the filler and Medical aesthetics market. The first day we arrived (early morning) in Bologna we were whisked to our Hotel Carlton in the old city, to get checked in freshen up for the afternoon Algeness exclusive session.  What I like about the Algeness company, ATT, is that it has strong emphasis on training and teaching the doctors that are going to use the product and there is a lot of continuous training for experienced injectors. Despite feeling tired and sleepy from a 12 hour flight, I managed to stay awake throughout the 3 hours listening to experts talk about their personal experiences , new methods for the Algeness injections, new areas it can be in

An Organic Filler for Nose Augmentation

During our Algeness launch last 26th Jan at our clinic in PavillionKL. We had a lucky draw and the winner would get an Algeness Organic Filler treatment anywhere she or he needs. It would be worth RM3200 . This young lady won it . All she did was come to see what this product is all about as she was keen to treat her nose bridge which was quite flat. She had read incidences of complicaitons and things that could go wrong on social media with filler injections especially in the nose area. So she came with a trusted friend who is already our client to see what this Organic filler is all about.  Lo and behold, surprisingly lucky her, she won the draw! Immediately I conducted the injection on her after numbing the skin for about 30min. I used Algeness 3.5%, which my favorite for doing the nose , chin, and cheeks area.  For the nose bridge, I love Algeness as it  does not move  at all , unlike the HA fillers I used before. This really is what you see is what you get.