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Mona Lisa Touch for Vaginal Atrophy

Are you above 45years? Are you premenopausal ? Or already menopause? With the passing of time, the body undergoes significant functional and structural changes to all the organs of the body,  including the genitals. The loss of turgidity and hydration of your genital tissue causes reduction in vaginal lubrication giving rise to discomfort, vulvar itching, dryness, sense of heaviness, and even pain during intercourse. This is called Genital Hypotrophy or Atrophy. What can you do about it? Here comes the first ever device that treats Vaginal atrophy. No hormones , no injections, no pessaries. It’s a laser called the Mona Lisa Touch.  Mona Lisa touch treats Vaginal Atrophy.  Mona Lisa touch treats Vaginal Atrophy.  We bought this breakthrough laser long ago when it’s prototype was introduced to me. It is the first laser that treats the female genitalia.  Results are almost immediate with most clients feeling improved even after a single session.