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See the Beauty of Sound - Ultherapy

I have been conducting Ultherapy for face since 2012. 8 out of 10 patients are very happy with the outcome. There has been no serious complications. It's beautiful shape the face and lift especially the jawline.

Ultherapy works at diffrent levels of skin from 4.5mm depth to 3.,0mm and even superficially at 1.5mm depth for crepey thin skin especially around the eyelids, inner thighs, inner arms, and upper knees.
 Treatment can be done at any time as there is no special preparation required and no post treatment care. Daily activities may continue as per normal. Only a mild pinkishness may be seen. If done properly and with experience hands, there should not be any blisters or wheals.

ALl the transducers will be used depending on depth of penetration which depends on which part of the face or body that is being treated. 
OUr clinic , in conjunction with our 16th Anniversary and 5th Anniversary for Ultherapy , is giving a very good offer for members and my blog readers. Please stat…

How to Defy Signs of Aging

Here's a revolutionary breakthrough that can make you young-looking and beautiful no matter what age you are  We all want to be naturally beautiful as we age, but our body's nature as we age are   wrinkles, this brows and lashes, fine lines and a fading smile. NO matter how many age     defying products we put on our faces, our skin won't stop aging. Not for long!  Along with our aging is the improvement of technology, and this time, technology   brought us the Ultherapy, a non-surgical procedure that uses micro-focused   ultrasound to LIFT and TIGHTEN skin on the face,brow, under the chin, neck, and   chest and improve lines and wrinkles. It stimulates the body’s own natural healing   process which jump starts the production of fresh, new collagen. All this is done   without cutting or disrupting the surface of your skin - a US FDA - accreditated   non-invasive lift using ultrasound technology. Albano and the Ulthera machineBeauty expert Merz Philippines Healthcare Inc. …