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  When life feels good… and then the sweat patches appear... These are common complaints :  "I have to apply anti-perspirant several times a day, but sometimes it is still not enough" "I try to avoid putting my arms up so no one can see my sweat patches. Clothes are not dry for long" "I try and sit near a window or door to keep cool. Hot drinks and spicy food are out of the question coz they make me sweat" Excessive sweating - or HYPERHIDROSIS is a common response to heat or anxiety. It is the body's way of cooling off. But some, around 5% of people (that's many millions) sweat excessively causing sweaty armpits, sweaty necks, sweaty palms (Palmar Hydrosis) and even sweaty (and smelly) feet for no apparent reason!   The condition can dominate one's life, feeling constantly self-conscious and paranoid that others might notice sweat patches under the arms.  Too much sweat can cause stained shirts, body odors and affect social relationship due t
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  Supermodel Cindy Crawford is one of the most beautiful women in the world… But that’s not opinion… It’s science! Take a look at her face:   The reason she’s considered so beautiful has nothing to do with her stunning cheekbones, her glossy hair or anything like that… It’s the proportions of her face. You see, the ancient Greeks were the first to discover that people naturally find the ratio of 1.618 attractive. They called this the “Golden ratio”. So the faces we consider most beautiful are about 1.6 times longer than they are wide. The lips we find most attractive? Well, the lower lip is exactly 1.6 times the height of the upper lip. And we can map that same ratio all over your face… …Setting out exactly where your eyes, cheekbones, chin and nose should be, for the most aesthetically pleasing look. No one – not even the very gorgeous Cindy Crawford – has every feature in exactly the right place. But she comes pretty close. (Other famous people with near-perfect Go


  It’s rocketed in popularity recently - and for good reason: It’s a game-changer for your skin. This injectable treatment is 100% hyaluronic acid, which is one of the most hydrating substances on the planet. You’ll find it in lots of moisturisers - but not in such high concentrations. And getting it deep into your skin is completely different to placing it on the surface! Profhilo infuses your skin with this hydrating ingredient, nourishing your skin long-term and giving you a beautiful glow for months. It’s like a “moisturiser in a jab”... ...And if that’s all it did, I’d still be raving about it. But that’s not the real reason Profhilo is so revolutionary. You see, it also stimulates the growth of collagen and stem cells in your skin - actually remodelling your skin from within. This plumps up your skin and thickens it at the deepest levels, giving it fantastic foundations - a bit like the scaffolding of a house - so it appears smoother and thicker, with less sa


As a doctor, I love science… And today I want to do an experiment with you!   All you have to do is go to a mirror, or open up Zoom or the camera on your phone. Take a long, hard look at your face.   Then smile as broadly as you can. Do lines suddenly appear around your eyes or forehead? How about some vertical lines around your mouth? Now stop smiling.   Have all those lines suddenly disappeared?   If so, you have a particular kind of wrinkle.   They’re called ‘dynamic lines’, because they appear when your face moves - and disappear again when your face relaxes.   What really happens is that when you smile, frown or squint your muscles contract. This pushes your skin together, making small folds.   You start seeing these kinds of lines in your 30s, often around your eyes, forehead and lips.   They’re completely different to the other type of wrinkles….   “Static lines” sadly stay put on your face, no matter what your expression.   They might appear at

ION Magnum - A Doctor’s Virtual Gym for Muscle building & Healthy Weight Loss

  If you’re used to working out, the last few months have been difficult.   Gyms have been closed for extensive periods of time. And even when they re-opened, you may not have felt comfortable going - or struggled to get back into your routine.   Chances are, you’re less fit today than you were last year.   It can be so frustrating, when you put so much hard work into getting a healthier, more trim and toned body… …And suddenly your belly is softer, your abs look less defined, your backside might even start to sag - all through no fault of your own.    It can be hard to find the motivation to do thousands of crunches, lunges and squats, just to get back to where you were a few months ago. Do you  still struggle with some stubborn fat you just can’t get rid of ? DO you S till struggle to build muscle ? And do you  still wish you had a tighter, more toned physique?.   So here's a way to speed up your workouts… You can do 1,000 stomach crunches or squats…and burn 50