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REVITALISE                   REGENERATE                    RENEW
all organs and body systems.

What is Cellular Renovation Therapies or C.R.T. ?

It is a treatment to revitalise, regenerate and renew our cells.
Over time our cells lose the ability to function in the way that they were intended. This cellular function loss, primarily from its energy capacity, results in reduced protein production capacity and deterioration of DNA translation and replication. The protein production capacity results in muscle and bone mass losses, reduction in hormone production, general cognitive and mental ability loss and immune system capability efficiency loss.The DNA translation & replication may cause mutations that may lead to catastrophic (cancer) and degenerative diseases.

C.R.T. has a medium and long term effect by stimulating the regeneration and healing mechanisms that the body has.

How does Cellular Renovation Therapy act ?
The CRT can trasnform those sick and aging organs into healthy or…
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Emelda's Ultherapy Journey

Emelda is an actress, an enterpreneur and an artist. She decided to have an Ultherpay session today after hearing about HIFU treatments and after her sister went for a HIFU session. Being particular about safety and effectiveness of treatment, she did some research and found that the original high intensity focused ultrasound technology was from Ulthera. The Ulthera machine has many safety features installed to ensure that no unneccessary tissues are damaged. It also has a US screen that shows exactly where the Ulthera shots are being given as well the depth of penetration.

Emelda was quite nervous to start of the "pain" that she imagined. It did not help that I exagerated a little on the discomfort she would feel. Nevertheless we made her as comfortable as possible by applying topical numbing cream for 40min and gave her some painkillers just in case.

I started as usual by using the 4.5mm transducer which penetrates the skin upto the muscle layer. This part is the most unco…

SmartLipo - It's Powerful Advantages

SmartLipo vs "Stupid Lipo" When we first started offering the Smartlipo laserlipolisis treatment at our clinic there were many enquiries and interested clients enquiring about this minimally invasive liposuction. This was because apart from liposuction proceudre, there really was nothing else availble that could treat those stubborn fats on the body which just doesn't go away despite exercise and working out. Malaysiasns were also becoming more concious about their looks and health and wanting to look presentable and well groomed was becoming a treand and the norm in society. Basically everyone wants to look good in KL! So I had many patient asked about the difference between SmartLipo laserlipolisis and traditional or conventional liposuction (i called this the "Stupid Lipo"). After explaining to them the difference, I realised I spent most of the time pinpointing the awesome advantages that the SmartLIpo has over any other liposuction or weight loss system! …

An Airsculpting journey

Past week has been very busy for me conducting Airsculpting procedures. After the Raya festiviteis many has been trying to shed their extra pounds by melting their fat usng the airsculpting technique.

Juanna , had planned for the procedure since early this year but so fearful was she of the pain, she ppostponed it many times. After reassurane from me and explaining as well as clearing up her fears, she finally decided to proceed with her Airsculpting for her tummy pooch last week.

It turned out to be a fun session for both of us.

Juanna arrived on time and after going through again the areas that she wanted to have treated, we prepared her.
Once she was comfortable on the treatment table (fully awake and alert) , some meds for relaxing was given to her. Also an antibiotic injection as preventive measure.

The area was then cleansed with povidone, a liquid that is commonly used as an antiseptic on the skin to "sterilise" the skin surface against any potential microbials.

I th…

My Smartlipo Story

Susan, a patient of mine opted for Smartlipo to rid of her stubborn fats. She later gave a recount of her journey in an interview by CS&B Magazine. This is her story.

"I am a legal eagle that has managed to loose weight and kept it off through a sensible diet and fairly regular exercise. However despite my best efforts, the bulge around my thighs refused to budge and clothes did not fit well.Liposuction was not an option that I wanted to consider.. I hear of DrSutina through a friend and decided to pay her a visit to see if she could help me with my problem. Dr S then told me about SmartLipo. She gave me a thourough expalnation on the procedure and answered all my queries particularly the side effects and pain involved. I was particularly appreciative as she did not confuse me medical jargon but put her points across in layman's terms so that I understood her explanation.
As it was affordable, I decided to undergo the procedure. Prior to the procedure, DrSutinagave me a …