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Have you seen this photo yet?  (The pictures are from Dr Judy Todd ’s Instagram account: It’s making the rounds online… . …And it features a lady who lifted saggy skin on her face and neck, using radiofrequency energy. How would you feel, if the lines on your face smoothed out and your lax skin tightened, the way Judy’s have? ☺ Here's what she said :  “My kids, Jamie and Andy, started to call me turkey neck a few years ago in a loving and jokey way,” Judy, 61, told the newspapers. “I didn’t tell them anything about the treatments I was having, but they noticed the difference and recently they said, ‘Mom, what have you be en doing to your face?’ “I said, ‘what do you mean?’ To which they replied: ‘It looks much smoother’. “That was absolute gold dust! I mean if they’ve noticed and mentioned it, then it clearly has made a huge difference, and that made me very happy… “I’d say it's taken at least 10 years off my appearance… M


This is the #1 skincare mistake - Neglecting the neck!     Have you ever been in conversation with a woman, and thought… “That’s weird - her neck is a completely different color to her face!”   It happens occasionally, when people apply foundation to their face…   …But stop at their jawline.   So while they’ve painted their face one color, their neck is still a different shade. It’s completely possible you make a similar mistake…   …Not with your makeup but with your skincare products.   I see it the whole time… Patients are fanatic about applying creams, lotions and serums to their face… But they stop at their jawline and completely ignore their neck and decolletage. And when I say “I see it”, I mean that quite literally… Because when you stop your skincare at your jawline, you end up looking like two different people above and below your chin!   Your face might still look relatively youthful and smooth… …But your neck gives away your age - it’s wrinklier