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Back in the 1930s, a group of workers in a leather tanning factory noticed something bizarre…   They had completely lost all pigmentation from their arms and forearms.   The hair color on their arms wasn’t affected at all. But any dark patches on their skin were gone.   Scientists soon realized what had happened.   The tanners were wearing rubber gloves which contained a derivative of a compound called hydroquinone.   A star was born J Hydroquinone occurs naturally in nature - mainly in mushrooms and beetles.   But when applied to your skin it interrupts the production of melanin, which is the ‘ingredient’ which creates dark spots. Within a few years, it became the golden standard ingredient used to help people suffering from hyper-pigmentation. That’s the official name for those brown “age spots” on your face, neck and hands.   Perhaps you have them too? It’s one of the most frequent concerns our patients come to me with, because it can make your skin look patchy

FOTONA SKIN REJUVENATION - Not ready for Needles? Open up!

  Not ready for needles? Open up! This the skin treatment Kim Kardashian swears by Every few days, a patient walks into my treatment room. She might be in her early 40s or 50s, and she looks nervous. She’s never had any medical aesthetic treatments before and isn’t sure what to expect. Her skin has started  to sag a bit, especially around her jowls.    There are usually some fine lines around her eyes or mouth.   And 9 times out of ten, her skin looks dull… And she’s fed up with sunspots, large pores or acne scars.   The conversation usually goes something like this...…   “Is there anything you can do for me? I feel like there’s a lot to fix - and I really have idea what to treat first…”   “I just have one caveat: Absolutely no needles! I’m just not ready for fillers or anti-wrinkle injections.”   This patient thinks she’s a tough case. She’s ready to hear that she needs tons of work and that we have to use injectables.    It’s at this point in the conversation that