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Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Now, beautiful noses can be created NON-SURGICALly with substances called FILLERS. These are made of either Hyaluronic Acid(HA), Gels (PMMA, PMAA) or Calcium Hydroxypeptide(CHP). I have been carrying out this procedure for several years now where I have done NOSE ENHANCEMENT with Juvederm, Surgiderm, Esthelis B, Teosyal, Restalyne, Radiesse, Aquamid, BioAlcamid and I have found RADIESSE used for nose enhancement be the best. Recently our clinic had a promotion for NOSE AUGMENTATION using the Radiesse filler and I must say the results is really good! With this filler I can sharpen the bridge, reshape the nose, build and increase bridge and tip height, all with a single substance and in 1 sitting! The procedure is almost painless as a local anesthesia is given and barely any needle marks or swelling after. Best part is the product can last upto 2years. Radiesse is also good for cheek and chin augmentation as it gives a nice "lift" to the cheekbone and enhances the definition

Face Slimming & Shaping

I have been receiving quite a number of interested querries and consults on FACE SHAPING and FACE SLIMMING. Why the sudden interest, I wonder? Is it becasue people are just only now aware of the availibility of procedures like Botolinium toxin A (BOTOX, DYSPORT) injections? or is there a sudden surge in the population of people with 'wide" faces? For those who of you out there interested in face shaping or slimming, there are actually several ways to go about it. If the broadness of your face is due to the protrusion of the jaw angle, and if this is due to strong jaw muscles( to check this put 2 fingers on the muscles at the angle of the jaw, clench your teeth and see if your fingers bounce outwards), then you have a condition called "MASSETER HYPERTROPHY". This is easily treated with Botox or Dysport injections. The effect is amazing! Within 2 weeks, your jawline can narrow down such that people may think you've lost weight or you are someone else. If instead

Laser Vagina Rejuvenation

Our V2LR laser handpiece is finally here. Had a revision session with Prof Zerbinatti in the clinic on 3rd Jan. Imagine, for those of us who wish to "rejuvenate" ourselves can do so now with ease and painlessly. Just make an appointment with the clinic, come in 30min earlier so a topical numbing cream can be applied, and have the procedure conducted and completed in 1/2 hr,tops. What will you get ? Well, internally the lasering will "puff"up the mucosa of the vaginal wall by collagen remodeling, as well as improve sensations. Externally the procedure can lighten the skin color, increase sensitivity as well tighten surrounding area. ALl these in just 3 sessions! Prof Zerbinatti claims that in his clinic this is currently the most popular procedure among women in their 30s and 40s. I am very excited about this procedure. I know a lot of women out there do not have any problems, and therefore do not require any surgical LVR but would like to just improve. Like everyhti