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My Fractional CO2 with PRP experience

Last I had my fractional CO2 with PRP done was August 2009. The effect showed maximally after 3months (90days) and lasted almost the 8months it was expected to. I loved it! My skin finally improved to waht it used to be in my twenties. After much postponing, I finally managed to have another treatment done. Just to share my day to day account of the aftermath of a fractional CO2 : Day 1 - Immediately after. Face was swollen, red and quite uncomfortable. Stings when water touches it. Tried all the postlaser creams available at our clinic but all of them stings! What helped is the thermal springwater spray (Avene, Uriage) which really have a soothing Day 2 - some redness have settled and much less stinging is felt. Skin feels very warm to touch and dry. Day 3 - Face looks a darker shade due to formation of scabs on the little laser 'dots'. No more sting. Redness has turned to patcy pinkishness. Day 5 - scabs starting to fall off. Mid face area came off first slowly along

Hormone Balance for Men & Women

Had a wonderfully educational and mind boggling seminar over the weekend of 15th -17th October 2010 attending Theirry Hertogh's 3-day seminar on "Hormones for HealthyWomen&Men" and "Hormones in Children". He is such a good teacher and his ideas and concepts, although not entirely accepted by mainstream doctors, makes so much sense that you wonder why were we not thought this in Med school? Now I can treat age related conditions like lack of energy, weight gain & obesity, difficulty losing weight, reduced libido, hair loss, gynaecomastia, poor memory, low metabolism and many more symptoms of "Aging" with natural techniques of optimizing and balancing our natural hormones. Would it not be great if we can feel like we did when we were 20+yrs old?-when sleep was good, and lack of it not a problem,energy was high, mind was sharp and weight was normal? It is all because our hormone levels drop as we age (between 2-10% per decade) and as a result our

Battiling the Blues

(Starspecial ,Monday Aug2010) When hormone levels decline, less information is transmitted, and the body functions less effectively. Hormone levels change through life, leading to menopause and other age related problems. Perimenopause, the period leading to menopause, can happen in the late 30s and early 40s.As hormones drop, especially estrogen, you wil experience periods of sadness and hopelessness. Some women experience a severe drop in moods and mood swing, resulting in depression, anxieties and panic attacks. When women reach their 30s and 40s, it is very common for them to have an excess of "bad" estrogen known as Eostrogen Dominance. Estrogen Dominan ce can cause premenstrual sysdrome (PMS), night sweats and depression. To return balance to estrogen levels, we focus on progesterone. Progesterone is a balancing hormone that works in dynamic relationship with estrogen to regulate the menstrual cycle. Natural progesterone can be derived from sources such as wild yam and

A Glowing Get Away

Had a great time over last weekend at Lake Kenyir -Malaysia's largest man-made lake. Sponsored by Mega Lifesciences Sdn Bhd, the company that supplies GLOW skin micronutrients and PYNOCARE pinebarks extracts for skin pigmentation. A group of reporters, writers and media personal, as well as end users were flown in the early morning hours of 25th Sept to Kuala Trengganu where Lake Kenyir is. The lake was beautiful and serene. Lake Kenyir Resort & Spa was selected for this occasion as it suited the concept of NATURAL suplementation for good healthy skin and prevention of "Skin Fatigue". The first day we visited a beautiful waterfall on an island in the lake and a herb garden where we tried Tongkat Ali and Kacip Fatimah tea. With all that energy infused, we had a fun night with the 2 "glowing" celebrities - Nonis Baharuddin & Angel Wong. Next morning, I gave a talk on Prevention of Premature Aging and how supplementation is important for good skin health an

The Ultimate Painless Workout

The IOn Magnum really is effortless athletics. We all have hard-to-get areas requiring special attention or just seem impossible to firm up. But not anymore! On this revolutionary workout machine of the future. everyone is a candidate - those looking for a path toward healthy living, brides hoping to shed unwanted pounds before their big day, highly skilled athletes trying to build more muscle. It's safe and it's healthy; all while rejuvenating your red blood cells. Now no other centre in Malaysia can offer Ion Magnum treatments from a machine that builds muscle, boosts stamina, and helps speed up your metabolism. WE decided to incorporate this advanced technology into our practice as it can do what other technology can't. With Dr Xanya Weiss, the co-inventor of Ion Magnum The Ion Magnum was engineered to treat sports injury and muscle atrophy, as well as promote lypolisis and muscle building. It rapidly and efficiently causes the erythrocyte (Red

Aesthetic Asia Singapore

Recently attended the Aesthetic Asia Conference 2010 which was held at the very new Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre in Singapore from 17th to 10th September. It was a hectic three day full of interesting sessions and workshops of new techniques. Sanofi Aventis was the Platinum sponsor and they abeautiful booth to introduce their products VISCONTOUR and SCULPTRA creating a bigger brand awareness. The Ion magnum booth was the busiest with docotrs trying out the Ion magnum and IEllios machines. So impressed were they with DrXanya Weiss's lecture, she was kept busy all day! Cirsten, the Arasys trainer was at hand to greet us. Here with Dr.Weiss and me. Our Ion Magnum will reach our clinic on Tuesday 21st sept and finally our patients can have this amazing treatment to wellness and internel health.

Arasys Inch Loss Treatment

Arasys - new technology to sculpt and shape the body - effortlessly. Loose inches within 60min! Latest addition to our family of treatments, Arasys is added to cater for those who need to loose weight 3x faster then regular exercise, shape the body eg:waistline, tighten skin and best of all detoxify the body, increase exercise hormones and metabolise fat faster then anything else out there. Results are amazing. Next month the Ion magnum will arrive and this can tackle those excess muffin tops and build your six packs!

Ramadhan 2010 Specials

For this Raya, we have more packages on offer. From cell therapy to skin and body procedures, take a look at our Ramadhan Specials that come your way only once a year!

i-enhance Online Shopping

i-enhance Online Shopping ......... Enhancing You In Everyway ! At i-enhance our aim is simply to make available products that will enhance you and bring you one step closer to Looking the Best and Feeling Great !

Grow your eye lashes

New Straits Times (NST) paper reported on Wed 26th July of a "Miracle Eyelash Serum", after the current trend of wearing lash extensions has been found to leave many women with "balding" upper eyelid due to the repeated pulling off of the fake eyelashes. It seems that the glue that is used to fix the eyelashes can pull natural eyelashes out, and if repeated frequently, can stop hair from growing! The only way to treat this condition now is through hair transplant surgery. Fortunately, a serum that can boost the length and thickness of eyelashes by 50% with daily use is now available. Some of our patients are already applying such a serum and they claim their lashes have definitely grown thicker and longer, even the lower lid lashes!. Hearing this I looked into some of the scientific data and found that the clinical trials conducted showed a 50% longer-looking lashes when used daily for eight weeks. Our clinic now carries 'Lash Booster' or 'Rapid Lash

Liquid Face lift with Sculptra

The "New" filler SCULPTRA is now available in Malaysia. Making a comeback with new protocols, it is now available for filling up the facial area where a lot of volume loss has occured. It gives a very natural lift. Dr Rey and myself attended a training session on Thursday 22nd July with a Plastic Surgeon from HUKM who has been injecting Sculptra for the past 6months. "Wonderful results!" he says. As Sculptra contains Polylactic acid, it is biodegradable when injected and lasts upto 2years. Once injected it creates volume and causes collagen regenesis and thus a continued correction over time. Because its texture is quite liquid, it can be injected in all areas of the face including the temples,undereye grooves(tear troughs), lips and nasogenian linegiving a "lifted" appearance thus the term "LIQUID FACE LIFT". Sculptra will be official launched by SanofiAventis on in Kuala Lumpur 7th August 2010. Sculptra Malaysia Sculptra lift

BTx & Filler Party

We will having our BTx & Filler party on Saturday 24th July 2010. Meant for en-hanze members and friends to learn the basics about these 2 very popular cosmetic procedures, clarify the myths and see the benefits during this 3hr session at EN-hanze Clinic. Presentation will be by Dr Sutina & DrReyhana and light meal will be served. Each attending member can bring along 2 friends only, and a registration fee of RM10 is needed for seat booking which is limited to 30pax only. Dysport Malaysia Filler Malaysia Teosyal Filler in Malaysia Botox in Malaysia Calf reduction with BTA Hyperhydrosis with Botox

Facial Cell Therapy with PRP

Facial rejuvenation by Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) addresses the soft tissues lost through aging or solar damage – and is directed at improvement of dermis, fat degenration, skin laxity, loss of skin tone and uneven skin texture. To be effective the activated and enriched plasma has to be injected into the skin and dermis by tiny and carefully directed needle jabs, much the same the way as other fillers and Botox® are delivered. The blood that is drawn is then spinned(centrifuged) for a few minutes to separate the Plasma and the Red Blood cells which is discarded. The skin is first numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream and injection of local anaesthetic agent. This is done by a qualified doctor. The PRP is then delivered to the anaesthetized skin by direct injection with a small needle. All make-up should have been removed prior to this procedure. The needle pricks in the skin are needed to kick-start the healing process of the PRP and proliferation of fibroblasts

Welcome Malaysia's 1st Cool Sculpter

The brand new Zeltiq Coolsculpting machine arrived at our clinic on 15th June. Together to hand it over was Mr James Hastings, Zeltiq's very own Director of Marketing who also conducted an intensive 3hour training for all. Our very first patient/model was Ruzi, who was very cooperative and a very "ideal" patient. Ruzi enjoyed the whole treatment session (it lasted 3hours for 3 parts!) and says she could definitely do it again! It was relaxing and totally painless-in fact she fell asleep and managed to catch up with sleep that she needed! The clinic is offering a 10% discount for those who signs up in the month of June for the Zeltiq CoolLipo.

Balance your hormones naturally

BiHRT is now available at our clinic. Take control of your life by restoring hormone balance. By doing so you will be able to restore your energy and stamina, improve memory, balance your moods, have healthier skin, stabilize weight with better muscle definition,sleep better and and have enhanced sexuality! You can have a comprehensive check of your hormone levels at our clinic and get natural bio identical hormones prescribed and monitored. Of course every treatment is individual, so you'll have to talk to me first for apropriate assessment and advice.

PRP for joint pains

It was recently reported that Tiger Woods used PRP treatment to help heal and mend his injured knee joint. Also the recent Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong revealed many major celebrities to be having the PRP Facial Rejuvenation treatments and this trend is now catching on in Malaysia. For young people, it is great for maintenance of good skin & prevention of bad skin, for older women it is great for treating any damaged skin and repair of cells. It can be done 2 weekly, monthly, 3monthly, 6month or even yearly only ! But remember, the difference in results depend on the kit used to generate the PRP and the technique carried out. ASk for only Regen Kit or MY Cells PRP kits.

Double Chin Reduction

Have done more and more acculift treatment for double chin and fatty lower cheeks. I have found the results to be very satisfying especially for those born with a double chin. After just 2 weeks our clients can see their chins and have their jawline defined. I think this is the most wonderful and most effective minimaly invasive treatment to loose that fat!

"DrAcula" Cell Therapy

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) the new treatment that uses your own blood to get growth factors, peptides, cytokines, thrombin and stem cells and applied onto the skin for a total rejuvenation effect or injected into the joints for healing and antiinflammatory effect. The treatment is really catching on as it's so natural and the results are soooo good. Especially good is the CO2-PRP Combo. I did mine in October 2009 and the effect is still there today-7months later!

ULTHERAPY Non-Surgical Face Lift

The new ULTHERA machine using high intensity focused ultrasound or HIFU for TISSUE TIGHTENING has arrived on our shores and of course, I voluntered to give it a try. I was the perfect candidate for it being 40-something with a little sag in the jowls and due for my second Thermage treatment this year. No fear felt, thinking it would be like a Thermage session with  heat, the technician started with my under chin and jawline area. The sensation felt like little pins and needles scratching on my skin but overall it was pretty tolerable. Then we tried on some patients, and it turned out they felt more comfortable with Ultherapy then some of the other skin tightening modalities. 1 patient even fell asleep! Both patients felt they could see the effect on their lower face immediately. Now this is amazing as lower facial sagging and laxity is one of the most difficult problems to treat. Many treatments before this including Thermage still could not tackle this area very satisfactorily. So my

Weekday Specials 2010

Last year en-hanze had a "2 in 1" Weekday specials where if you come with a friend you only pay for 1. This year you can come alone for treatment and only pay 3/4 of the actual price on specific days-the "Weekday Specials at 25%less". For eg: you can get an IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment on Thursdays for only RM300 or a Microdermabrasion with Transdermal hydration treatment on Tuesdays for RM165 only!

Phuket Co Trip

WEnt to Phuket on 26th Feb 2010 - a treat to all staff of en-hanze for working hard and achieving our annual target for 2009. We had fun, lots of laughs with little Umar (Rozai's kid) and abundance of food. My sons, Ari & Daril also enjoyed the boat rides, the snorkelling and the Bangla "girl" dance...and me, I enjoyed the views!

Post Open Day 2010

Our Open Day on 7th March went really well coz most of those who came were surprised at the no of activities we had. Most really enjoyed the free trials for laser Pixel, Endermologie ,radiofrequency, Accent Ultra lipolisis and learnt a lot from the free scans they had for their skin, hair follicles and body weight. The overweights even received free Reductil medication if their BMI was above 27! The longest queue was for the Facial Skin Analysis with the really detailed Janus analyser. Mineral makeup was fun too and after being made up some even got a photo to take home! Some went to enjoy the generous spread of food by our caterers and returned later to continue with their trial sessions. Lots of goodies to take home too. In conjunction , the brand new EN-hanze MEMBER PRIVILEGE CARD was launched which came with a Gift Pack full of vouchers ..... In any case, for the first 100 new members, the gift pack is still available at the clinic, so those who missed out can still enjoy the RM700


It is our pleasure to invite all of you out there interested in Wellness and Aesthetic treatments & procedures for appearance enhancement without surgery, to come over during our Open Day affair at our Centre in Phileo Damansara 1, Petaling Jaya on Sunday 7th March 2010, from 11am to 3pm. There will be food, door gifts, free facial skin analysis, scalp hair follicle analysis, body weight measurements with free medications for the overweight, free trial of treatments with our extensive range of machines, a free make over with Glo Minerals Makeup and free photo shot for you to take home! WE will also be offering our exclusive Priviledge Card Membership and new members will receive Treatment Vouchers worth RM700! It will be an "enhancing" experience for En-hanze Aesthetics-Where Medicine,Health & Beauty Meets. Invitation cards are available for entrance or call us at 03-79601788 or 012-6085388 to reserve your goody bag. You can also bring along your family a