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HCG+Diet 3weeks course

Am now on normal eating. Although the apetite to consume large ammounts of food is gone, there is an almost costant hunger I feel throughout the day. A little bite here and there is enough to make me feel satieted. My 16yr old lost 12.2kg (equiv to 26lbs) in his 3 week course. It was amazing watching his weight practically drop 1kg per day. He needs a new wardrobe now , but best of all he feels good about himself, looks incredibly fit and is able to wear all his form 2 clothes! His BMI is still at 25 (ideal for adults) so we are planning to have a 2nd course done at the end of this week after 6 weeks of rest. I am hoping we can achieve more weight(fat) loss to achieve his BMI of 22 or 23 (ideal). Another observation I noted is that his body shape has changed from a chubby teenager to a lean young man, almost as if he's been going for workouts at the gym!

Coolsculpting is now faster

We now have acquired the Z8 head for our Coolsculpting mchine whihc covers a larger area of treatment. It's effect is 2.5 times of our present smaller Z6 head and 1 treatment cycle is also 1hrs. So you get to treat 2.5 timesmore in the same duration and best of all, at a much lesser cost! had lunch with the trainer last week, and I was told that massaging the area firmly in a twisitng, 'pinching" way helps to break up the crystallized fats faster - akin to dropping a bagful of ice cubes onto the floor rel hard-the ice shatters immediately to small pieces and thus will melt faster.