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Dermaveill Liquid Lift Filler - the new POly Lactic Acid filler

Went to San Diego USA in June to have theory and practical training for a new Poly-L-Lactic ( PLLA) filler called Dermaveill. Dermaveill is a US product produced by a new company owned by the CEO of Sculptra , another PLA filler. The studies for lipo atrophy and liquid lifting was conducted in a renowned, private medical centre in Tijuana, Mexico by DrJorge Tagle, their famous plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. The trip was made fun by TJ, our organiser from Sunward. On the first day we had a session on the product, it's development, it's correct usage, it's potential complications and side effects and it advantages. Dermaveill is better then Sulptra as it's molecules elliptical instead of spherical, thus making it easier to inject with less needle blockage. It also has no risk of forming nodules in the long term allowing for more superficial injection techniques. The next day we went to Tijuana to have injection demonstration and guidance by DrTagle who has inje


Had a wonderful time in San Diego and. Los Angles , U SA recently while attending a train the trainers program for Demaveille, the latest and newest in poly lactic acid liquid fillers for volume sing the face and filling in the lines. We arrived at almost midnight on Thursday at LAX Airport and drove down to San Diego the next day. It was a nice leisurely drive. Immediately upon checking into our beautiful hotel in SanDiego, we had our theory session with DrTagl It was comprehensive and extensive but it was informative of the product and methods. Later we had dinner w DrBacchara , the principal of the company that supplies this new PLA filler. The night air was cool and the company was fun. Food was great - a fusion of Mexican and American delicacies. The next day, we were driven to a private medical hospital in Tijuana, Mexico. It was my first time there and Tijuana seemed like any other American City -clean, well planned, and safe. A whole day session with DrJorge Tagle,