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Legato - 1st to treat scars and stretch marks

The new Legato machine by Alma lasers arrived today. I only recently heard about it during the media launch of Coolsculpting by Zeltiq last month. Am quite curious to see how it works. As far as I know there are no effective technology to rid of scars and so far stretch marks treated by lasers reduced but still does not dissapear. So we tried on one of our staff with some scars that was left after his motorvehicle accident and I was quite surprised the scars became flattened and seemed to reduce by at least 30-40%! We are going to try out this system for a couple of weeks and see how it performs. I myself am going to ry the facial rejuvenation while I'm gonna try it on a patient with melasma.

Breast Lipofilling

Breasts augmentation can also be conducted through Lipofilling - a technique where fat is extracted from another part of the body ( tummy, thighs, etc) and then used to 'fill' the breasts. As fat is abundant and free (in most people,anyway) the breasts can be enlarged to whatever is the desired size! Even more exciting is stem cells can be derived from this extracted fat, mixed with the to-be transferred fat, and transplanted for augmented breasts that' s very natural looking, feels real and lasts very long (expected duration upto 7 years).