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Whiten your teeth

I've always had a yellowish stained looking teeth. This had caused me a lot of distress and feeling self conscious. So I finally decided to go for teeth whitening procedure with my dentis at Global Drs Dental Specialists. The process was uncomfortable where I had to sit still for a full 2 hrs while my lips were pulle apart with a plastic retractor so all my teeth would show u dear the laser light that was shown at it. Before the light was shown, a liquid gel was applied not the teeth. This was a bleaching agent. Afterwards, the the whole mouth felt sensitive and for a few days it was uncomfortable to drink cold drinks. This was my experience 4 years ago. Now there's a new method using low level light therapy ( not laser) and non bleaching lightening agent instead for teeth whitening. Using the Light Mask that transmit light in the infra red and blue wavelength, and after applying the lightening gel, the teeth enamel can be lightened 2-4 shades lighter in just 1 short 20 min ses