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Restylane - the first Fillers

Restylane was first introduced on the market in 1996. I started practicing aesthetic medicine  in 1998. I remember it being the only filler available in the market at that time. It was introduced as a groundbreaking filler, the first of its kind. Fillers in general have come a long way since. There are hundreds of brands in the market now but what I have observed is the staying power of Restylane and how it continued to grow - in product range, as well as in technique range. As more and more new products are developed, I also learnt more and more new techniques to treat and help my patients attain their desired enhancement. The Restylane range of products : Restylane fillers, Restylane skinboosters and Restylane skincare, has enabled people to take care of their skin from the inside and out - instantly, effectively and long-term. The Restylane secret is called NASHA which makes the Restylane products' unique qualities and are all based on this patented technology fo

The SIlhouette Soft Suture Face Lift

Recently I attended a training session with Dr Robertto from Spain  where he patiently taught me the techniques for a Soft Lift using the new Silhoutte Soft Suture threads. It was very interesting and exciting and the results were good. Silhouette Soft Sutures are absorbable threads that have been used for awhile to create a non-invasive "no"cut face lift. With the Silhoutte Soft Lift Sutures, the threads with cones can be inserted under just simple local anesthesia below the skin to cause a mid cheek lift or to lift the cheek  pads that has "dropped". The procedure is a 30 min in clinic procedure that is almost painless and requires no general anesthesia. Areas can be treated with this technique are lifting of brows, lifting of mid face area, lifting of cheek fat pad that has dropped, lifting of the lower cheek (jowls) along the jawline and creating a better jawline and definition of the face. Once done, patients can walk out of the clinic with bare

Biocompatible Hair Implants

While I was in Milan for another training course, I met an Egyptian Dr who practices in Kuwait and over lunch she intorduced me to something pretty new. She said it was very popular in her clinic practice especially among the women. So I went again  to Italy in May 2012 to learn about the Biofibre Hair Implant system - an artificial hair product that is biocompatible and aesthetically identical to natural hair. This artificial hair fibre is inserted into the scalp skin under local anesthesia in the color or length that you desire and can last up to 5 years. With this system , I can now give my patients a full head of hair in a very short time; in 2 hours the bald patches and thinning areas of the scalp can be converted into a full head of hair. I also met Isabella, the creator herself, who conducted the training sessions personally and took me to several local Italian Drs clincis to learn, observe and acquire the skill required to conduct this procedure.