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Linda Evangelista’s Fat Freezing Disaster

Former supermodel Linda Evangelista hit the headlines in September after suing Zeltiq for a bad experience with CoolSculpting.  There was widespread press coverage and I had patients mentioning her story in clinic. So I am writing this piece to explain what happened, and to reassure patients that the risk of PAH is extremely low.  I also want to discuss complications / risk in aesthetic procedures in general. The bottom line is I want to be open and honest with patients, so I can build up their trust in me.  So let's delve into Linda Evangelista's fat-Freezing disaster.  By now, you’ve probably seen the news reports about supermodel Linda Evangelista’s unfortunate experience with fat-freezing. Since I’ve had patients asking me about it in clinic, let’s talk about it... First, here’s what we know.  Around 5 years ago, Linda underwent a fat-freezing procedure, which is commonly used to get rid of stubborn fat. We’re not sure exactly which area she had treated, but it seems likel