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Liquid Face lift with Sculptra

The "New" filler SCULPTRA is now available in Malaysia. Making a comeback with new protocols, it is now available for filling up the facial area where a lot of volume loss has occured. It gives a very natural lift. Dr Rey and myself attended a training session on Thursday 22nd July with a Plastic Surgeon from HUKM who has been injecting Sculptra for the past 6months. "Wonderful results!" he says. As Sculptra contains Polylactic acid, it is biodegradable when injected and lasts upto 2years. Once injected it creates volume and causes collagen regenesis and thus a continued correction over time. Because its texture is quite liquid, it can be injected in all areas of the face including the temples,undereye grooves(tear troughs), lips and nasogenian linegiving a "lifted" appearance thus the term "LIQUID FACE LIFT". Sculptra will be official launched by SanofiAventis on in Kuala Lumpur 7th August 2010. Sculptra Malaysia Sculptra lift

BTx & Filler Party

We will having our BTx & Filler party on Saturday 24th July 2010. Meant for en-hanze members and friends to learn the basics about these 2 very popular cosmetic procedures, clarify the myths and see the benefits during this 3hr session at EN-hanze Clinic. Presentation will be by Dr Sutina & DrReyhana and light meal will be served. Each attending member can bring along 2 friends only, and a registration fee of RM10 is needed for seat booking which is limited to 30pax only. Dysport Malaysia Filler Malaysia Teosyal Filler in Malaysia Botox in Malaysia Calf reduction with BTA Hyperhydrosis with Botox

Facial Cell Therapy with PRP

Facial rejuvenation by Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) addresses the soft tissues lost through aging or solar damage – and is directed at improvement of dermis, fat degenration, skin laxity, loss of skin tone and uneven skin texture. To be effective the activated and enriched plasma has to be injected into the skin and dermis by tiny and carefully directed needle jabs, much the same the way as other fillers and Botox® are delivered. The blood that is drawn is then spinned(centrifuged) for a few minutes to separate the Plasma and the Red Blood cells which is discarded. The skin is first numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream and injection of local anaesthetic agent. This is done by a qualified doctor. The PRP is then delivered to the anaesthetized skin by direct injection with a small needle. All make-up should have been removed prior to this procedure. The needle pricks in the skin are needed to kick-start the healing process of the PRP and proliferation of fibroblasts