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Should you Worry About your Hormones? (Part 2 Hormone Series)

What do you do to keep your body in optimum shape? Do you work out? Try to eat well? Get an occasional treatment to keep your skin glowing, or your body looking the best it can? If you are on this list, chances are that you try your hardest to stay healthy and fit…. ….Except in one area, which is all too often overlooked.     Our hormones. In popular culture, people like to use it like it's a joke - “Stop being so hormonal…” “My hormones have gone haywire….” Hormones are trotted out as an excuse every time someone is a little moody and have come to be seen as something negative. But there is an unfortunate truth about hormones. As we grow older, large parts of the population – both women and men – suffer from hormone imbalances which can wreak havoc with our sleep patterns, libido, weight, memory, skin, strength, energy and yes, moods as well. The tricky part is that a hormone imbalance tends to develop slowly, without us even realizing. You may have the beginnings of an imbalance

The Danger of Hormone Imbalance (Part 1 Hormone Series)

  “I just have no energy. Sometimes I actually have to take a nap in the afternoon,”  This is a common complaint among patients in their mid 40s, when they should be in the prime of their life. Having children who are practically out of the house, finally having time to socialize and nurture their own interests. Most mid 40year olds are working less hours which can give both job satisfaction and regular time to spend at the gym or doing other exrcises. Yet, many feel consistently  “under-the-weather”. Not only is the energy low, they are particularly vulnerable to flu, and suffered from low libido. Some are at their treadmill almost every day, but it does not seem to make a difference like before. The weight seem to pile on despite the exercises and not eating much. Sometimes there's a feeling of sadness or "downness". It is not depression. Sometimes the feeling of agittion and irritation wihtout reason. The feeling is not your imaginatin either. This is an extreme