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Fillers without injection -Topical Fillers

Topical Fillers The effects of aging skin are multiple : fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and sagging. Now there is Skin Active system that combines powerful, clinically proven ingredients that work synergistically in all layers of the skin to help reverse the visible signs of aging. The potent formulations stimulate cell renewal, even tone, boost collagen and protects against oxidative damage. Lines and wrinkles are thus smoothed from inside out. SKin looks healthier, firmer and younger. In a clinical study, 93% of women observed smoother skin texture, more even skin tone, and diminished lines and wrinkles. They also preferred Skin Active to their daily regimen. Skin Active range comes with : 1. Exfoliating Wash to clean and exfoliate without over drying. It prepares the skin for optimal treatment benefits.  2.Cllular Restoration is designed to rejuvenate cellular function and strengthen the skin's underlying structure. This formulation contains Apple Stem Cell Extract w