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Welcome Malaysia's 1st Cool Sculpter

The brand new Zeltiq Coolsculpting machine arrived at our clinic on 15th June. Together to hand it over was Mr James Hastings, Zeltiq's very own Director of Marketing who also conducted an intensive 3hour training for all. Our very first patient/model was Ruzi, who was very cooperative and a very "ideal" patient. Ruzi enjoyed the whole treatment session (it lasted 3hours for 3 parts!) and says she could definitely do it again! It was relaxing and totally painless-in fact she fell asleep and managed to catch up with sleep that she needed! The clinic is offering a 10% discount for those who signs up in the month of June for the Zeltiq CoolLipo.

Balance your hormones naturally

BiHRT is now available at our clinic. Take control of your life by restoring hormone balance. By doing so you will be able to restore your energy and stamina, improve memory, balance your moods, have healthier skin, stabilize weight with better muscle definition,sleep better and and have enhanced sexuality! You can have a comprehensive check of your hormone levels at our clinic and get natural bio identical hormones prescribed and monitored. Of course every treatment is individual, so you'll have to talk to me first for apropriate assessment and advice.

PRP for joint pains

It was recently reported that Tiger Woods used PRP treatment to help heal and mend his injured knee joint. Also the recent Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong revealed many major celebrities to be having the PRP Facial Rejuvenation treatments and this trend is now catching on in Malaysia. For young people, it is great for maintenance of good skin & prevention of bad skin, for older women it is great for treating any damaged skin and repair of cells. It can be done 2 weekly, monthly, 3monthly, 6month or even yearly only ! But remember, the difference in results depend on the kit used to generate the PRP and the technique carried out. ASk for only Regen Kit or MY Cells PRP kits.

Double Chin Reduction

Have done more and more acculift treatment for double chin and fatty lower cheeks. I have found the results to be very satisfying especially for those born with a double chin. After just 2 weeks our clients can see their chins and have their jawline defined. I think this is the most wonderful and most effective minimaly invasive treatment to loose that fat!