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LIPOSONIX - Fat buster that destroys fat in 1 hour, 1 session

Liposonix is the newest and latest equipment to hit the medical aesthetics market for non-surgical fat destruction. Using HIFU or High Intensity Focused Ultrasound technology, this treatment can reduce your circumference by 1 size in just 1 session! Father reduction can be achieved by repeating the treatment 2 months later. The ultrasound is "focused" onto the fat tissue to be treated. It penetrates upto 2inch deep. The focused beam then destroys the fat cell membrane allowing it to rupture and release the fat in melted form into surrounding. It does not affect the other surrounding tissue liek muscle or connective tissue. Once the fat cells are destroyed, it becomes waste product and thus will be eliminated by the body's immune system and lymphatics. Reduction ocuurs through the course of 2 to 8 weeks and offers upto 1 size or 4cm loss after 1 session. There is no downtime after although some people might experience a little bit of tenderness and sometimes some

Skin Whitening and Beauty from Within.

While attending a recent AntiAging conference in Sinapore, I discovered an exciting new product. It's a  revolutionary One-A-Day health supplement for skin whitening and brightening made from the USA called CRYSTAL TOMATO is now available. What is it? Crystal  Tomato is a revol;utionary skin care supplement from 100% natural ingredients that offers skin protection against daily sun damage while repairing the skin at the same time to maintain beauty from within. The secret to the efficacy of Crystal Tomato lies in its active ingredient - colourless carotenoids - one of nature's super whitening ingredients. A unique breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes that contain a high concentration of colourless carotenoids, Phytoene and Phytofluene, were specially cultivated for use in the suplement. A patented technology was developed by the scientists to extract the colourless carotenoids from the tomatoes and prepare it for oral consumption. As this is a natural extr

Get rid of fatty arms and thighs

The long awaited Coolsculpting applicators specifically for upper arm fats and inner thighs is finally out and was recently launched in Kuala Lumpur on 26th April 2013. It was something I was looking forward to as there were many patients requesting to treat these 2 areas which I had difficulty doing with the existing CoolMax (too big) , and CoolCurve(not straight enough) applicators. Also for Asian patients, who are physically smaller and shorter in stature, the previous applicators could not "fit" well enough onto the upper arms or inner thighs. Even when it did, it did fit in a nice and proportionate manner causing the final outcome to be irregular and uneven. Theses 2 new applicators are called "COOLFIT" for the upper arms fat, inner thighs and knee fat areas and "COOL CURVE + Plus" which is almost a half circle applicator meant for the more curved areas of the body like the banana folds, brabulges, armpit bulges and small flanks or love handle fats.

1st Gender Aesthetics Conference

Recently attended the 1st Gender Aesthetics Conference in Singapore. I attended as I was interested to hear views from colleagues as well as learn new things on treatments and procedures related to differences in gender (male and female) as well as directions in treating female sexual specific problems - an area now termed "Cosmetic Gynaecology". What turned out was a meeting of old friends, making new acquaintances, catching up with supplier representatives, meeting new ones and buying more books!! It was a fulfilling 3 days for me as although there were not many new things, it was nice revision and recapping time. The best part of all of course was being able to personally meet Dr Pierre Fournier - the "inventor" of liposuciton under tumescent anesthesia. If not for him, liposucton would n't be what it is today. At 84years old, his mind was still sharp and his sense of humor remarkable! He made his wife take all the pictures with us and informed her that he w