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New Revolutionary Laser for Leg veins

Completed my training visit at Allure Medical Spa, Detroit for "endovenous laser" procedures. The procedure entails using laser technology to ablate or "burn" the varicose veins in the legs. Results are permanent with no downtime to the procedure. I saw many cases and tried my hands on a few patients under the guidance of Dr. Charles Mok, the Vascular Specialist at Allure. The staff at their Vein Centre were helpful and obliging, especially Deneen, the Ultrasound tech, and Greg the Nurse Practitioner. I was initially apprehensive with the actual procedure, but after watching Dr Mok's skilled technique as well as his staff's efficiency, I am confident that now we can have a safe, longterm nonsurgical remedy to the problem of leg veins. Dr Mok is one of the first doctors to be board certified by the American Board of Phlebology (treatment of veins) : he has specialized in the treatment of varicose veins for several years and has performed thousands of laser v

Leg Veins Goodbye

Finally touched down into Detroit after 20hrs of flight. What a longggg haul! Am attending a week of training for treatment of leg veins using a laser called CTEV Cool Lipo in a clinic called Allure Medical Spa under the tutorship of Dr Charles Mok and Dr Brett Kotlus. The clinic is situated in a township called Shelby Township just outside Detroit City. This is a new technique to treat large leg veins-those bluish bulging veins running down the legs, where before this would need a surgical proceudre called "Stripping".