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  Recently, I was browsing through some of my favorite Facebook groups for aesthetic providers a nd I noticed something alarming. There was a glut of posts from inexperienced injectors, asking for advice on how to get best results with dermal   fillers. They weren’t sure whether common situations were normal  and were even asking for advice on complications. For example, one injector was concerned that her patient was experiencing swelling in her lip immediately after her appointment:   She didn’t have enough experience to know whether or not something had gone wrong. Or take this injector, who wasn’t sure whether the redness in her patient was normal:   The answer is “probably yes”, but a more experienced provider could have achieved much gentler results with a cannula and know if there's something more serious like a blood vessel compression has occured.  A lso looks like she missed the right injection point a few times, which is not great.   Meanwhile, this


  “What’s happened to Charlotte’s face!?” If you’ve been on Twitter or Reddit recently, you’ve probably come across lots of comments like that... It’s a reference to the character Charlotte in Sex and the City . The series, which became a cultural icon 20 years ago, recently rebooted as “ And Just Like That...” And while all the characters have aged, Charlotte looked more different than the others... Her face was much broader, her lips were strangely flat and her cheeks are unusually full. The actress, Kristin Davis, didn’t look quite like herself any more. Initially, commentators wondered whether she’d had plastic surgery. But it seems much more likely that she’s had dermal fillers - done badly.   I know that this kind of “unnatural” result is a great concern for many including my clients too. Fillers are there to help ‘plump up’ areas of the face which have lost volume with age,  ‘fill in’ fine lines and wrinkle a nd give more definition to some of the facial featur