January 8, 2017

Fibroblast Stem Cell therapy - the most effective Hair Loss treatmentyet

The era of cell regeneration and cellular therapies continue to amaze me.

Hair loss, is, without a doubt, one of life's greatest concerns for both men and women. I personally have been struggling with it for as long as I can remember. Many, regardless of social, financial or educational background suffer from it. That's the reason why, nowadays the market is full of products which have the purpose of preventing hair loss. Out of these products, some have proven more efficient then others while others have showed no effect at all. Farther more the vast majority has no scientific research.

Over the years several products and methods as solutions to hair loss or thinning hair has come about. These include scalp Mesotherapy (mesopecia), growth factor dermal stamping, PRP injections, micro needling hair vitamins, low level laser light therapy (LLLT) , Biofibre hair prosthesis, and even " hair fillers". These work to some extent but require several treatment session and regular maintenance.

Stem cells has always been known as the ultimate solution for repair and regeneration of new cells and it is natural that this should be applied to the scalp area for hair growth.
But where can we get the stem cells from?  as autologous stem cells can only be derived from bone marrow ( require bonemarrow aspiration) , dental pulp, fat ( requiring lipo aspiration) or blood ( very little) or now skin. And extracting and processing theses tissues for stem cells require either invasive procedures or a lab service which are expensive.

Recently, a new device called Regenericon from Italy which is specially designed for the clinical applications of regenerative procedures using autologous ( your own) micro grafts, is brought into our practice.
By extracting patient's own tissue, namely skin from scalp area, we can now harvest 60-80,000 progenitor cells  (stem cells) in just 30 min procedure. The skin and hair follicle is the tissue that has the greatest concentration of progenitor cells in the human body due to it's plasticity, growth factor and regeneration properties. Let's not forget the skin is reverted in 21days!

This is definitely a turning point in the the treatment of hair loss. These cells have the capability to repair and even regenerate. That's why the best areas that came to mind upon discovering these cells, was to use them in areas that need to regenerate, as in the scalp with lessening hAir density. 

So healthy men and women, with mild to moderate hair loss, that wish to improve their appearance, without any downtime, may now go for this state of the art hair regeneration therapy. 

How the treatment works :
1. Evaluation of degree of hair loss based on Hamilton classification (men) or Ludwig scale ( women). Best candidates are below or upto stage 3 for Hamilton and below or at Stage 2 of Ludwig.

2. Ensure no medical contrIndication and scalp is in healthy state.
3. Micro grafts taken from behind the ear under local anesthesia

4. Micrografts are processed using the Regenericon device to get serum containing progenitor stem cells 
5. The cell enriched serum is then injected into the areas where hair loss is ( no scarring)
6. Procedure is over in 30min. There is no need for repeat unless desired in 15 months.

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