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Laser Galore - 5 technologies in one place

I realised recently that our centre carries the top of range lasers and many clients do not know this. They sometimes compare prices and when they find ours to be somewhat more pricey then others , think that we are more expensive. This is not true. Our lasers are imported and are the gold standards for it's treatment range. Unfortunately though lasers have different wavelenghts to cater for different needs and any 1 laser system can only have 1 wavelenght. This makes it expensive for the client if they have multiple conditions that needs to be treated on their facial skin. For eg : acne scars with melasma and some wrinkles with facial hair. We thus decided to introduce these lasers to our members and came up with limited time "Unlimited" laser treatments with any lasers for any condition scheme. The following are the laser types that we have : 1. Duolite by DEKA : a Q-Switch Nd-Yag laser for skin lightening, hyperpigmentations, pore reduction, skin rejuvenation

Silhoutte Soft Lift techniques - latest from Barcelona

In Barcelona again for another round of training and updates on the use of Silhoutte Soft sutures. It was again an interesting 2 day session with over 100 Drs from all over the world. New techniques included for brow lifting, mid face lifting and especially for lower face to define the jawline. New techniques for neck lifting, nasal flare reduction, breast lifting, buttocks lifting and reduction of the upper arm flabbiness. The new 16 cone sutures with 8 cones on each side instead of 4 was also introduced. This allows for less threads or sutures to be used for the same effect due to a stronger and better 'hold' of the skin , thus a better "lifting" effect. I tried it out upon my return and lo and behold , the hold is better and a more profound lifting is seen. What's best is I am able to achieve the same results with less no of sutures allowing for better affordability to patients.

Bye-Bye to Thunder Thighs with CoolSmooth

The latest Coolsculpting applicator from Zeltiq is now available at En-hanze Medispa. Called the "CoolSmooth Applicator" it is specifically created and designed to treat the ever difficult and stubborn fat in the outer thighs, better known as the saddle bags. We have been waiting for Zeltiq to produce this applicator as many of our female patients want to treat and get rid of their saddle bags without undergoing surgery. The CoolSmooth allows for totally non invasive treatment of saddlebags. What does the treatment entail? Coolsculpting uses cryolipolisis technology where the treated fat is cooled down to almost freezing point with a special applicator applied to the area. This applicators are specially made to be applied onto the skin overlying the treated fat and has special settings to ensure the skin does not burn or get injured. Up to date Zeltiq has produced different applicators to cater for the different parts of the body : 1. CoolCore for the tummy areas,

Minimally Invasive Nonsurgical Thread Lift ( MINT) - to V shape and lift the face

A type of thread lift that combines the principles of Fine PDO thread with thicker barbed threads and  anchoring threads.  The new MINT lift threads enables us to do this especially for those who wants to Vshape their face and/or give it better definition, as well as to lift the mid and lower facial skin with its "cox" and anchoring it the the scalp skin. The procedure is minimally invasive in that there is no cutting of skin but instead uses specially made needles and instruments to give an effect close to a mini facelift! Who are the ideal candidates ? 1. Young people who want to shape their lower face to a sharper and narrower appearance 2. Those who want to accentuate their chin, jawline and Vshape the lower face 3. Older people desiring a lift and reduction in their jowls 4.those suffering from mild to moderate aging wanting to refresh their appearance 5. Advanced sagging of skin but not desiring surgical intervention The procedure is done under local

Wrinkle Eraser without needles

If you are afrid of needles and injections, try this Wrinkle MD - a product using electroporotion  to deliver the active ingredients into the dermal layer of skin. Especially good for the under eye areas, and forehead lines as well as droopy eyebrows where it is difficult to inject as well as bruise easily. The product comes with a "pod" which is attached to the pad that is placed onto the skin in the area where the treatment is desired. For eg the under eye area, the upper brow area and the forehead lines area. I tried I to myself and lo and behold, my undereye lines were less after a20min session! It was comfortable and easy to use. I wore it while doing my paperwork.  For those who want to maintain their BotoX injection to last longer, this is also a good option. Only need to be applied weekly for best results with a maintenance of 2to4 weekly. #wrinkle #undereye lines#fine lines 

OxyCeutical facial - the calming, soothing facial using pure Oxygen

Tried out the new Oxyceuticals facial today. A full 1.5 hour session of soothing facial with hand massage which we recommend to our clients if they desire a relaxing but effective facial. Available at our MediSpa this facial is also recommended for those who need a gentle yet effective healing treatment after laser resurfacing, laser rejuvenation, post chemical peels, post needling , post threads insertion or just to calm the skin if has been irritated after certain treatments or just simple sun exposure. 1st a special foam cleanser is applied to deeply cleanse the skin. This comes with a nice 5min facial massage. Usually by this time I start to relax and feel sleepy. Next pure oxygen is infused into the skin using a special spray handpiece. The oxygen is 100% pure from our Oxygen tank. After this more serums and massaging follow. (By this time I am half a sleep , so can't really remember what is applied) My favourite is the last part where a special oxygen mask is applied onto