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Secret to FEELING GREAT & Losing Weight

When your hormones are balanced, your body plays the music of life well. When your hormones are there, playing in tune, you will feel amazing. But if your hormones aren't working together, then your body cannot function well. The body contains more then 100 hormones. Hormones regulate the heartbeat, blood pressure, energy, weight and so on. HOrmones help us to sleep at night and wakes us up in the mornings. Hormones are therefore crucial for our survival. Our modern diet screwed up all the hormones that play a role in weight and health. Out off all the hormones in our body , there are 10 most important hormones. Hormone #1 : Thyroid Hormone - functions for energy and metabolism. An under active thyroid slows down metabolism which can make you gain weight even if you don't eat much. Sufferers experience fatigue, high triglyceride level, dry skin and hair, hair loss, menstrual problems, memory disturbances and weight gain. Hormone #2 : INSULIN - a low fat diet but full

More hair for life

Did two cases of hair transplantation today. One man and one lady. both had frontal hairline recession, so both had hair transplanted from the back of the head (donor) to the frontal hairline area (recipient). The first patient took us 5 hours to complete and the second took us 4 hrs. Using the Punch Matic SAFER technique I punch out individual follicles called FUE and implant them into the recipient area. A tedious process but it felt very satisfying after all was completed. Imagine , now people can have more hair in areas where there are less or little and even where ere are NO hair! Patches of baldness due to trauma or scarring can be transformed into hair growing areas. What's best is it is for life. Yes, the new transplanted hair is permanent and will continue to grow for the rest of your life! I hope to create more awareness of the availability of this procedure so more people can do it.