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Micropeeling with Fractional CO2 with RF Laser

We upgraded our old SmartXiteDot fractional Co2 laser to the latest technology in fractional CO2 ie the SmartXite Dot 2 Fractional CO2 LAser. This new laser equipment does all that the Dot Laser can do but more. With its new Deka Pulse (DP) I am able to reduce the energy output onto the skin and therefore less trauma and risk of burns and hyperpigmentation but delivering better resutls then other fractional Co2 laser as it is run by a Radio Frequency (RF) system. So as the laser is delivered, RF heating is also done thus giving even more collagen regeneration. This the first of its kind in the world - combination of fractional CO2 laser with RF. With this I can treat those SUN SPOTS(Lentigenes) on the cheeks, SKIN TAGS, PIGMENT SPOTS, Wrinkles around eyes, around mouth, do brow lift for droopy brows due to aging, resurface the skin and refine it and take away those ACNE SCARs. When combined with PRP, Placentae filtrates or HA+Vitmain solutions, a major improvement can be seen with muc