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Grow hair in just 16 weeks!

A new simple but very effective device is now in town. The iGrow LLLT device for home use to help regrow and improve on the cellular condition of our scalp hair follicles. Wasn'r sure how effective it is and although there are many clinical papers and studies conducted to show its effectiveness, I only really believed it when patients started coming back and reporting amazingly good results! In 1967, Professor Endre Mester of Semmelweis University observed that skin cells became healthier and actually grew hair in the right light. Apira Science continued the research, and the rest is hair history... Studies then proved that hair responds best to red light in the 650 - 670 nm wavelength range. Tests have shown that pulsing light can enhance the effectiveness of Low Level Laser Therapy. Thus the result from decades of research : iGrow - the world's most advanced hands-free hair rejuvenation system. From research to our home. Today, low-level lasers and improved te

The Latest Endermologie - The Integral Lipomassage

Our dear Endermologie Cellu M6 machine broke down recently after 10years of high performance in keeping our ladies' body sculpted, taut and firm (see Website ). Instead of repairing and replacing the broken down parts, we decided to get the latest LPG Endermologie machine : THE INTEGRAL. The integral can do more indications and is more effective in a 30min session then the Cellu M6. It can also conduct the Lipomassage better then the L6. The Integral is great for Cellulite reduction, improving circulation, overall body skin tightening, natural detox and lymphatic drainage, while smoothening out those abnormal buldges that seem to creep up as we age : bra buldge,love handles, saddle bags, knee buldges. This treatment is also great for post natal body reshaping and drainage. Our women get back into shape almost immediately after undergoing the endermologie sessions. Through its mechano-stimulation concept the Integral can also conduct "Endermolift"

Liposculpter in Ho Chin Min City

In Ho Chin Min City (HCMC) Vietnam 7th October. Attending a training session for power Assisted Liposculpter (PAL) under Prof Nguyen Anh Tuan at the HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University-Faculty of Medicine. Workshop was for Techniques in Advanced and Basic Liposculption.

6 pack tummy now possible

It's now possible to create that 6packs tummy that most men(and women) yearn to have! Through a technique originally created by a Brazilian plastic surgeon, the tummy six pack can now be created through power assisted liposuction. Been working on those muscles in the gym or at home? it's taking too long to form? Too much fat in the abdo wall? WEll, now all that excess fat concentrated in the abs area and hiding those muscles, can be lysed and extracted through a save technique called liposculpter. The probe vibrates in an oscillating fashion to break down the localised fats and a tubing attached to a suction pump extracts this broken down fat immediately. Once most of the fat has been extracted, the liposculpter technique is then conducted to "sculpt" the abdominal wall to enhance the abdominal muscles. Results are great! I'm excited about this new technique I've learnt and made availableat our centre. Liposculpter at En-hanze Medical Centre Sculpt your 6 pack


Kinerase range was "relaunch" in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) on 30th Sept 2011 at the KL Hilton. 2 invited speakers gave their scientific findings as well as clinical experience in using the products. Its special ingredient is KINETIN which has been found to regerate new elastin and collagen fibres after just 4weeks of use. At the moment Kinetin is only found in Cosmeceutical products but in future it might also be available in oral form for antiagting purposes. It also has an effect almost similar to Argeriline which is able to relax the fine muscles and this is especially good for fine lines or wrinkles around the eye area. So for those who are not keen on Botolinium injections for their crows feet or those with fine lines in the lower eye lid, Kinerase Eyes will be a perfect treat. The product range now comes in several forms ranging from a basic cream or lotion containing 0.1% Kinetin, an eye cream and a peptide cream as well as combined with vitmin C for more antioxidant be

Skin Active by NeoStrata

Attended the Skin Active by NeoStrata product launch on 22nd Sept at the Boulevard Hotel in Mid Valley. Dr Efron, a dermatolist from the US gave the talk. She was involved in the initial product study. Most exciting was when she spoke about their patended ingredient from a Swiss apple stem cell whihc in the study showed that it can grow dying skin cells of a midle aged skin to almost the same thickness as a 20 yr old! This with all the science behind it and the reputable name of NeoStrata make the products a no miss. So, immediaely I ordered a set for myself.