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Beautiful Monaco...

Just got back from Monte Carlo, Monaco after attending the World Anti-Aging & MediSpa Congress. It's the first time for me in Monaco and I was amazed at how small but compact the country is. Imagine a whole country with blocks of buildings, a stadium, a palace, gardens and a race track built on a 1.8 x 2km size of land and on the slopes of a cliff! Weather was good with just cool air during the day and colder at night. The congress was fruitful as I learnt new ways to treat the eye area as well how to use fillers to rejuvenate the whole face. Many new aesthetic machines with 300 boothes and 7 rooms with workshops and talks going on concurrently. Any of you been to Monaco?

Breast Treatments

Wolah! breast augmentation without surgery..... the filler for enlarging your breasts safely is finaly in town and we shall be carrying out our first treatment today! Best part is you can increase your breast size slowly, so you can do it every few months or so and only if you feel like it!Great , huh?

Hair Removal

For those of you who wax or shave regularly, think about almost permanent Hair reduction with either laser or IPL. Now we have the 2 most painless hair removal machines. Not only that they are also able to reduce hair on dark MAlay and Indian skins!.