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  When life feels good… and then the sweat patches appear... These are common complaints :  "I have to apply anti-perspirant several times a day, but sometimes it is still not enough" "I try to avoid putting my arms up so no one can see my sweat patches. Clothes are not dry for long" "I try and sit near a window or door to keep cool. Hot drinks and spicy food are out of the question coz they make me sweat" Excessive sweating - or HYPERHIDROSIS is a common response to heat or anxiety. It is the body's way of cooling off. But some, around 5% of people (that's many millions) sweat excessively causing sweaty armpits, sweaty necks, sweaty palms (Palmar Hydrosis) and even sweaty (and smelly) feet for no apparent reason!   The condition can dominate one's life, feeling constantly self-conscious and paranoid that others might notice sweat patches under the arms.  Too much sweat can cause stained shirts, body odors and affect social relationship due t