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Cosmetex 2011

Am in Tasmania, Australia to attend the Cosmetex 2011 Conference from 31st Mar to 2nd April. never been to Tasmania and am looking forward to do a little sightseeing before the Conference meetings. Will beattending workshops and meetings to learn new techniques and methods for Sculptra, Juvederm, Restalyne and Radiesse to use for face and off-face. Also looking forward to see if there are any new machines or equipments for our practice. The aesthetic medical industry has come full circle with technologies and en-hanze clinic has quite a coomprehensive range of almost every kind of thecnology there is but to keep us forward and growing we still need to add new equioment "member" to our ammourmentarium.

Loose Weight in 3weeks !

Finally found a quick fix to a long term problem! This method not only can reduce the excess weight fast and permanently, it does this by burning the reserved stubborn fat in the body and not the structural fat which easily returns with a vengeance once a program is over. In summary, this "Enhanced" Weight Loss Program aims to : 1. Loose excess weight esp from stubborn fats 2. Increase and Reset Basal Metabolic Rate to a higher level and by doing the #1 and #2, able to 3. Maintain the weight loss forever! ( don't we all wish for this?) . With all this in mind, I decided to embark on this program myself. It is Day 8 today. This protocol should reduce my weight from 0.5 to 1.0lb per day. I only need to follow a special diet plan and take the medication daily. Total loss expected if all progresses accordingly will be 6 to 9kg (or upto 15lbs). I started with 64.8kg on Day1, went up to 64.9kg on Day2 and have progressively lost between 0.3 to 0.7kg daily since. Today I am at 6