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Facial Cell Therapy with PRP

Facial rejuvenation by Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) addresses the soft tissues lost through aging or solar damage – and is directed at improvement of dermis, fat degenration, skin laxity, loss of skin tone and uneven skin texture. To be effective the activated and enriched plasma has to be injected into the skin and dermis by tiny and carefully directed needle jabs, much the same the way as other fillers and Botox® are delivered.

The blood that is drawn is then spinned(centrifuged) for a few minutes to separate the Plasma and the Red Blood cells which is discarded.

The skin is first numbed with a topical anaesthetic cream and injection of local anaesthetic agent. This is done by a qualified doctor.
The PRP is then delivered to the anaesthetized skin by direct injection with a small needle. All make-up should have been removed prior to this procedure.The needle pricks in the skin are needed to kick-start the healing process of the PRP and proliferation of fibroblasts that will produce collagen and elastin needed to rejuvenate your skin. The process is slow and takes about 3 months, although good results are perceptible as early as 3 weeks.
The rejuvenated fibroblasts last for a while and then succumb again to the inevitable chronological aging process and become tired. The complexion of the skin deteriorates and the lines and wrinkles will then reappear. So further injections will be needed, but the time period differs from client to client. Six monthly resurfacing is the experience that En-hanze finds works.

Other uses with the platelet rich plasma is for hair Loss Therapy and healing of injured joints.
This was made more popular after it was reported that Tiger Woods had PRP treatment for his injured knee to allow him to heal faster and continue his tournament.
PRP Rejuvenation in Malaysia
PRP in Malaysia
PRP Cell Therapy at En-hanze Clinic

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