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HCG+Diet 3weeks course

Am now on normal eating. Although the apetite to consume large ammounts of food is gone, there is an almost costant hunger I feel throughout the day. A little bite here and there is enough to make me feel satieted. My 16yr old lost 12.2kg (equiv to 26lbs) in his 3 week course. It was amazing watching his weight practically drop 1kg per day. He needs a new wardrobe now , but best of all he feels good about himself, looks incredibly fit and is able to wear all his form 2 clothes! His BMI is still at 25 (ideal for adults) so we are planning to have a 2nd course done at the end of this week after 6 weeks of rest. I am hoping we can achieve more weight(fat) loss to achieve his BMI of 22 or 23 (ideal). Another observation I noted is that his body shape has changed from a chubby teenager to a lean young man, almost as if he's been going for workouts at the gym!


J said…
am glad i found your blog, I am african living in malaysia, i currently weigh 73kg and am 5'8 tall, although this is not bad, but will love to be between 60 to 65 weight range, where can I get the HCG diet in Malaysia? will appreciate if you can recommend. just in case i cant find your blog again, will you please email me the info to . Thanks
Dr.Sutina said…
The UVB diet program is a medical program and therefore has to be conducted ib our clinic and monitored by a medical practitioner. I recommend you have it done under my guidance as we need to be sure you progress accordingly, loose the right type of fat and do not suffer from any unexpected adverse reactions. If you are eally underrated , do come in to our clinical centre for a proper assessment and if al is well, you can start the program.
Anonymous said…
Hi, What is the procedure when visiting you about HCG diet plan? How will I know that its the best diet plan for me and what does it cost?
Dr.Sutina said…
If you are interested to undergo the HCG+Diet or our HDP Program, you will need to come in to our centre for the appropriate workup. Call our centre at 0379601788 or our hotline 1300-88-1788 for an appointment. Inform you are coming for our HDP Program. once you are in, measurements of you body weight, height, fat percentage, visceral fat content, total body water, protein mass, proportion of fat to muscle, BMI, blood pressure and pulse rate will be measured and recorded. Circumfereential measurement of your whole body will also be carried out. A basic baseline blood test is also taken. If you have done a medical check lab test in the past 6 months, you ca bjring this along. I will then see you to calculate amount of weight you need to loose, duration of treatment ideal for you, and the program itself. Followups are weekly where all the measurements will be taken everything to ensure there are no problems, side effects and you are loosing only fat and not water or muscle mass.
Anonymous said…
Dear Dr. Sutina....
Im very much interested in the HCG programme since my sister is currently undergoing it. However, I have one there any other alternative for administrating the HCG aside from injections ? oral perhaps ?
mamaA said…
Wow. Sound very interesting and promising. What about the cost for the whole course? I mean, i dont want to go there all the way from this east coast area that i am from, to KL, and suddenly got shoot down with the cost i cant afford, for nothing. I should atleast have a little bit of an idea, shouldnt i?
Dr.Sutina said…
For charges and costs, please call our clinic at 0379601788 or 1300-88-1788. The centre is opened from Tue thru Saturday at 10am to 7pm.
honey said…
dr. i have a 10 year ole boy whos is quite big for his age. can he join this program?
Dr.Sutina said…
Usually 10 year old boys with childhood obesity can reduce their weight just by eating healthier and playing outside more. Unfortunately there are some children with genetic obesity who find this hard to achieve despite being active and eating properly. Your son can benefit from this program if he can follow the strict diet. it was found many years back when obese boys (10-16years old) underwent the HCG+ diet program, they lost the excess fat from their chest and tummy and their bodies transformed into those of lean young men.
Dear Dr Sutina, if I am prone to gastritis, is it recommended that I undergo the HCG treatment? I am also vegetarian.
Dear Dr Sutina, if i am prone to gastritis if i miss a meal, is it advisable for me to go on the hcg diet?
Dr.Sutina said…
Gastritis is because of over eating or eating too much and then not eating for periods of time causing excessive gastric acid. If you eat small amounts of food but regularly, there will be just enough gastric acid secreted but not in excess and constant stomach juices instead of intermittent excess. The HDP diet makes you eat small amounts of food throughout the day with very minimal carbohydrate and no oils at all, which is another cause of Gastritis. As a result,all our patients who complaint of gastritis initially turned out to do really well and in fact did not have any attacks throughout the whole duration of the program. In fact some of them found they stopped getting Gastritis and bloatedness even after the program duration. So, yes, it is advisable for you to go on the HCG Diet. Losing weight alone is going to reduce your risks to stomach problems among other things.
Dr.Sutina said…
If you really fearful of injections you can have the oral homeopathic version. Effect is not as great and definite as the injections but still gives you good loss of weight. You will need to see me for me to explain further.

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