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Secret to FEELING GREAT & Losing Weight

When your hormones are balanced, your body plays the music of life well. When your hormones are there, playing in tune, you will feel amazing. But if your hormones aren't working together, then your body cannot function well. The body contains more then 100 hormones. Hormones regulate the heartbeat, blood pressure, energy, weight and so on. HOrmones help us to sleep at night and wakes us up in the mornings. Hormones are therefore crucial for our survival. Our modern diet screwed up all the hormones that play a role in weight and health. Out off all the hormones in our body , there are 10 most important hormones.

Hormone #1 : Thyroid Hormone - functions for energy and metabolism. An under active thyroid slows down metabolism which can make you gain weight even if you don't eat much. Sufferers experience fatigue, high triglyceride level, dry skin and hair, hair loss, menstrual problems, memory disturbances and weight gain.

Hormone #2 : INSULIN - a low fat diet but full of carbohydrates causes overproduction of insulin. These bad carbs are white bread, white rice, pasta, and starchy vegetables. When there's too much insulin, you gain weight and have increased risk of diseases. Excess insulin has become our main hormonal problem. If you are wondering wether or not you are producing too much insulin, look at your belly. If you can't see your abs, then your pancreas is secreting too much insulin.Get it?

Hormone #3 : GLUCAGON - another hormone secreted by the pancreas but does the opposite of Insulin. It MELTS FAT! When Glucagon metabolizes fat into energy, you lose weight.When you eat, you produce insulin and insulin inhibits glucagon. When you don't eat, glucagon is produced and you burn fat, and lose weight. So stay on a diet low in sugar and high in natural fats. And Exercise! Follow me for the rest of the important hormones.

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Rina Hj Saad said…
Dear Doc, what is the relation between hyperthyroidism and putting on weight? Anything to do with the drugs of hormones reduction of my excess thyroid hormones? The drugs is called "carbimazole" and sometimes I am prescribed "propranolol" to reduce my heart palpitation. Can a thyroid patient like me take the HCG jabs? Please advise. Thanks.

-Sapphire HS-
Dr.Sutina said…
Yes, despite having hyperthyroidism and being on antithyroid medication, you can still undergo the HCG Diet program but you definitely need to be monitored by a Dr throughout the program.
Rina Hj Saad said…
Thks doc for your reply, i have made an apptment to see u in january nextyr, lets talk more about my thyroid disorder and hcg jabs ya..wanted also to know more about the v-shape thingy ;-)..

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