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Skin Whitening and Beauty from Within.

While attending a recent AntiAging conference in Sinapore, I discovered an exciting new product. It's a  revolutionary One-A-Day health supplement for skin whitening and brightening made from the USA called CRYSTAL TOMATO is now available.

What is it? Crystal  Tomato is a revol;utionary skin care supplement from 100% natural ingredients that offers skin protection against daily sun damage while repairing the skin at the same time to maintain beauty from within.
The secret to the efficacy of Crystal Tomato lies in its active ingredient - colourless carotenoids - one of nature's super whitening ingredients.
A unique breed of non-genetically modified white tomatoes that contain a high concentration of colourless carotenoids, Phytoene and Phytofluene, were specially cultivated for use in the suplement. A patented technology was developed by the scientists to extract the colourless carotenoids from the tomatoes and prepare it for oral consumption. As this is a natural extract, there is no side effects to consuming this supplement.
Unlike orange or red carotenoids, which changes the skin's colour to a tan or orange shade if consumed in large amounts, the colourless carotenoids do not contain any color therefore will not affect the skin's natural



Just one-a-day, this is a convenient supplement for the modern woman to achieve youthful, fairer and healthier looking skin - with no side effects.
Crystal Tomato has been scientifically proven to offer the following benefits :
1. A natural sunscreen against UVA and UVBrays to protect against UV damage, photo-oxidation and sunburn.
2. Acts as anti-oxidants to protect against free radical damage caused by environmental aggressors.
3. Contain antiinflammatory properties against wound and UV damage
4. Inhibits melanin synthesis to prevent hyperpigmentation spots from forming
5. Reduces melanin present in the cells including dark acne scars, freckles, dark underarms and age spots for an anti-ageing and anti-p[hoto ageing effect.
6. Prevents DNA damage
7. Promotes even skin tone and radiant complexion


May Chew said…
how much for this Crystal Tomato pills? pls advise
Please contact our treatment centre En-hanze Aesthetic Centre at 1300-88-1788 for pricing and orders or visit our web page
nice blog
Great Information.
Skin Course
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