August 27, 2013

Fillers without injection -Topical Fillers

Topical Fillers

The effects of aging skin are multiple : fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration and sagging.
Now there is Skin Active system that combines powerful, clinically proven ingredients that work synergistically in all layers of the skin to help reverse the visible signs of aging. The potent formulations stimulate cell renewal, even tone, boost collagen and protects against oxidative damage. Lines and wrinkles are thus smoothed from inside out. SKin looks healthier, firmer and younger. In a clinical study, 93% of women observed smoother skin texture, more even skin tone, and diminished lines and wrinkles. They also preferred Skin Active to their daily regimen. Skin Active range comes with :
1. Exfoliating Wash to clean and exfoliate without over drying. It prepares the skin for optimal treatment benefits.
 2.Cllular Restoration is designed to rejuvenate cellular function and strengthen the skin's underlying structure. This formulation contains Apple Stem Cell Extract which protects and extends the life of skin's own stem cells, helping to delay the effects of aging. 97% found skin texture is smoother.
3.Intensive Eye Therapy also contain Apple Stem Cell Extract to protect the longevity of skin's own stem cells so the skin behaves like  younger skin.
4.MAtrix Support SPF 20 helps protect the skin's matrix and neutralize free radicals. UVA and UVB filters shield the skin from the burning and aging effects of everyday sun exposure. Also helps to reduce the appearance of skon discolorations.

Despite all these, lines still appear whether dynamic or static and treating them require Injectable solutions like Botolinium Toxins (BTx) or Hyaluronic Acid fillers (HA). Unfortunately these products do not lasts very long and the procedures need to be repeated to keep a sustained effect. Also some parts of the face cannot be injected as the line are too fine and delicate or the skin is too thin. There are also many who are adverse to injections or do not want any downtime or side effects related to injections.

Now there is a new compound discovered by Drs Ru Yen and Van Scott , the founders of NeoStarta Inc and discoverers of ALpha Hydroxy Acids. This new compound called, AMINOFIL, has been found to be able to increase the cellular content of the skin dermal layer.

The new LINE LIFT by NeoStrata is the breakthrough product containing Aminofil as it's main ingredient. It acts as a TOPICAL FILLER ie a filling material that does not require injection or surgical intrusions. By applying the compound twice a day  daily for 6 weeks, there will be a reduction in the fine lines around the eyes (Crows Feet), under eye area, frown lines(Glabellar) and reduce lines around the mouth (smokers lines). By applying Line Lift, effects of injectables can last longer making it less frequent to require reinjection, while the lines that are not injected become less intense and may also dissapear.

The future of skincare technology has come to light! NeoStrata now has a top premium range antiaging technology skin care that will astonish you with the younger-looking skin you desire!

Skin Active Line Lift

Apple Stem Cell
Topical Filler

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